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V. Harikrishna Whole life and career in a short view:-
As you can guess by the name of this person that he is from the south Indian film industry and he is working now as a film score and soundtrack composer, playback singer and film producer. Right now he is pretty well known to the whole Indian movie industry as well as in the movie fans. This man birth year is 1974 and birth place is in Bangalore of the Karnataka state of India. When he is at only eight years old, he began to playing the keyboard in an orchestra which his father bought and just named after him and it was the time of 1982. He started to playing the keyboard professionally in the year of 1987 and break the bond with his studies after the matriculation. In the time of his first professional assignment, he got the chance to work with composer like “Manoranjan Prabhakar”. As his father passed away in 1990. “Harikrishna” took over the mechanic shop of his father, where he worked as a mechanic. In the time of 1994, following the composer “Sadhu Kokila’s” insistence, he took his interest on the music again. “Harikrishna” is married with singer and composer “Vani Harikrishna”. She is the granddaughter of veteran composer “G. K. Venkatesh” in the year of 1997. They have a son, name is “Aditya”, who already started to work as a playback singer with one of “Harikrishna’s” composed films.This is all about his personal and family life along with a slight view of the background of his career. This is good mention the gist of his career background that he had to struggle a lot to gain the position which he holding today.After all these, we better take our view to the details career of this person by which he come in front of film and music industry and we all come to know about him.So here are the names of the songs along with time of its publishing:

V Harikrishna Movie List:

Movie Name Year
Kiss 2019
Mugulu Nage 2017
Uppina Kagada 2017
Saheba 2017
Bangara s/o Bangarada Manushya 2017
Raajakumara 2017
Chowka 2017
Happy Birthday 2016
Naanu Mattu Varalakshmi 2016
Santhu Straight Forward 2016
Doddmane Hudga 2016
Jaggu Dada 2016
Shivalinga 2016
Dana Kayonu 2016
Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole 2016
Viraat 2016
Masterpiece 2015
Minchagi Nee Baralu 2015
Boxer 2015
Mr. Airavata 2015
Kendasampige 2015
Ranna 2015
Endendigu 2015
Rana Vikrama 2015
Vaastu Prakaara 2015
Rhaatee Also producer 2015
Rudra Tandava 2015
Siddhartha 2015
Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari 2014
Ambareesha 2014
Fair & Lovely 2014
Jai Bhajarangabali 2014
Bahaddur 2014
Endendu Ninagagi 2014
Gajakesari 2014
Shravani Subramanya 2013
Sakkare 2013
Brindavana 2013
Kaddi Pudi 2013
Bulbul 2013
Bachchan 2013
Topiwala 2013
Kalpana 2012
Yaare Koogadali 2012
Drama 2012
Prem Adda 2012
Mr. 420 2012
Manjina Hani 2012
Jaanu 2012
Snehitaru 2012
Addhuri 2012
Katariveera Surasundarangi 2012
Anna Bond 2012
Shikari 2012
Chingari 2012
Vishnuvardhana 2011
Paramathma 2011
Saarathi 2011
Jogayya 2011
Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga 2011
Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam 2011
Kool…Sakkath Hot Maga 2011
Hudugaru 2011
Dhool 2011
Dandam Dashagunam 2011
Prema Chandrama 2011
Prince 2011
Rama Rama Raghu Rama 2011
Veerabahu 2011
Boss 2011
Modala Sala 2010
Super 2010
Eno Onthara 2010
Kiccha Huccha 2010
Jackie 2010
Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu 2010
Hoo 2010
Porki 2010
Raam 2009
Maleyali Jotheyali 2009
Abhay 2009
Vayuputra 2009
Raj The Showman 2009
Rajakumari 2009
Junglee 2009
Meghave Meghave 2009
Ambari 2009
Navagraha 2008
Paramesha Panwala 2008
Payana 2008
Arjun 2008
Indra 2008
Gaalipata 2008
Gaja 2008
Ee Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide 2007
Krishna 2007
Snehana Preethina 2007
Bhoopathi 2007
Jothe Jotheyali 2006

V. Harikrishna Awards:

These are the mostly known works of this man so far of which we are talking about. Just to make you clear about one thing that the age of this man career is not so long as you can see the first work of him, it was nearly in the last decade. That means, “Harikrishna” is really talented in his work and capable to do work whatever the situation is.
And now the time to take a look on the awards and achievement when these are also an important part of their career to compete with the quality in the industry.

– This man had gained 3 consecutive “Filmfare Award for Best Music” for the films “Gaalipata”, “Raaj The Showman” and the last one is “Jackie”

– “RNJ awards” in the year of 2009

– “Suvarna Film Awards” in the category of “Best Music Director” and the films are “Raaj the Showman” and “Drama”

– “Filmfare Award” for Drama

– “Karnataka State Award” for the film “Raaj The Showman”

So now you can see whole the basic things of career of “Harikrishna” and if you thing that you need to know more about him then you are recommended to see the further information from the online source where you are going to more about him in details.

*** V. Harikrishna Social Page – Facebook, Twitter

*** V. Harikrishna – Wikipedia

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