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J Anoop Seelin

Anoop Seelin Whole life and career in a short view:-
This is another important personality who played and still playing and important role to develop the Kannada music industry in the whole new level. But, there are so many music fans are still not familiar with this man, again they think that “Anoop Seelin” is not so famous because he is not so well known all the music fans. Meanwhile, as we have mentioned in the previous articles that, this is not important to become famous to among the fans to prove the talent rather the working capability will prove the talent.
“Anoop Seelin” is one of the well known person in the “Kannada music industry”. His birth place is in Bangalore and birthday is on 24th of October. He is a well trained singer and he always aimed to become a playback singer and music composer. After completing his basic and high school education in Hassan of Karnataka. “Anoop Seelin” along with his whole family relocate to Bangalore with a view to gaining higher education. After Completing his degree on LLB, he choose to become a lawyer but his eagerness to the music took him back to the industry.
Lets take a look on the works of this man to be clear about the quality of the working of this man. After all, you are going to have the idea that, about whom we are talking about:

Anoop Seelin Track List::


Song Name Movie Name
Opkondbutlu Kanla Download
Aarati Ettire Kall Manjange Download
Loose Maada Download
Buddha Huttida Download
Beda Machi Lovvu Download
Akshara Akshara Download
Shivakasi Bombu Naanu Download
Mysore Paak Download
Santosha Ondu Kade Download
Nannanne Kaleva Download
Avva Neene Download
Hey Beladingaly Download

Anoop Seelin Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Kaafi Thota 2017
Dayavittu Gamanisi 2017
Dada is Back 2017
Siliconn City 2017
Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru 2017
Bangalore Underworld 2017
Eradane Sala 2017
Chowka 2017
Smile Please 2017
Kadugu 2017
Neer Dose 2016
Nataraja Service 2016
Jessie 2016
Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara 2016
Naanu Avanalla…Avalu 2015
Aatagara 2015
Bhagyaraj 2015
Love in Mandya 2014
Rose 2014
B3 2013
Googly 2013
Director’s Special 2013
Madarangi 2013
Paraari 2013
Janma 2013
Sidlingu 2012
Galla 2011
Manasology 2011
I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona 2011
Yaksha 2010
Preethse Preethse 2009
Eddelu Manjunatha 2009
Gooli 2008

So here you can the works of this man and one thing is better to make you clear that you never should consider a creative who working in the music industry in the basis of the popularity. We all known with the fact that it takes a long time to gain such position by which we come to know the name of the people like “Anoop Seelin”. Meanwhile, it is not easy at all to come in the front of media otherwise you don’t have any talent inside you.
You may think about the back up as the others heavyweight singer sometime raise with. Actually the family back often played an important role gain a good position in the industry but this man we are talking about have no back up but his talent which took him in such position.
At the last, it is better to say that if you think that you need more information then we urge you to make your search on on the online source specially in the social virtual medias where person like him keep them active only for the fans.

*** Anoop Seelin Social Page – Facebook, Twitter

*** Anoop Seelin – Wikipedia

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