How Are Pet Custody Determined in a Divorce?

A lot of couples may have pets together. After divorcing each other, issues may arise regarding the custody of the pet. It is necessary to note that that’s a note treated similarly to children by the court. Pet owners cannot seek custody of the pet over their spouse. The court may not give a decision regarding joint custody as well. As per the law, a family pet is treated like property. You can click here to learn more.

This is why a lot of pet owners tend to create custody agreements just like the ones that are drafted for children. Many states get to mind the pet’s monetary worth depending upon the assets’ valuation. The spouse who wishes to get custody of the pet is required to showcase that He or she can incur the pet’s monthly expenditure and other requirements by submitting a financial statement in front of the court.  Many courts check which spouse got the pet and who is involved in the daily caretaking of the same. 

Pre-pup agreements 

Because of the property-like treatment of pets, couples are encouraged to draft a pre-pup agreement. This agreement helps retain custody in the event of divorce or the end of a relationship. If you are unsure about the procedure, make sure to consult with the divorce lawyer so that you can be aware of your available options.

Generally, both spouses collaborate with the help of their attorneys to create a pet custody agreement. It helps resolve all disputes regarding the visitation rights and custody of the pet instead of allowing the court to intervene for settlement. 

The monetary worth of pets is decided similarly to that of real property or estate. This may be unfair as some people have sentimental attachments to their pets. The replacement of a family pet is not possible.
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Therefore, it is not suitable to deem it as personal property. The best option would be to consult an attorney that handles similar cases so that you can get the desired outcome. 

Negotiation of pet custody agreements

To Solve any problems regarding the custody arrangements of family pets, it is suggested to collaborate with your spouse to prepare a legal agreement. It can be handled by drafting a pet custody document. An attorney can repair it by negotiating with the lawyer of another spouse regarding the custody and visitation dates of the pet and the caretaking responsibilities. 

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