How can charities improve fundraising with QR codes?

If you have managed a charity event, you probably have asked yourself, “How can I get more people to participate in my charity cause?”

There are many ways to promote a charitable campaign, especially with today’s digital solutions. One of them is QR code technology.

QR codes have proved quite helpful for conveying information about almost anything under the sun. They’re instrumental in campaigns, events and promos, and fundraising.

Today, many organizations and charity events are using QR codes from the best QR code generator online to give the audience a quick way to direct people to donation forms or social media campaigns.

4 QR codes you can use for fundraising campaigns

URL QR code

A URL QR code will directly bring people to your donation portals or forms. There’s no need for them to type in lengthy URLs on their browsers just to find them,

You can also use a URL QR code for non-profit organizations to make a scan-to-donate campaign.

This cutting-edge digital movement involves the public, allowing them to support or assist your community services for those in need.

Print your QR code and display it almost everywhere or make it available online by posting it on social media pages. This will help spread your fundraiser and make it convenient for people to donate.

Social media QR code

Social media is a driving factor behind connecting with people globally, which can help run charitable campaigns.

An all-in-one social media QR code can contain all your social media links. It can boost your online following and encourage others to participate in fundraising events.

You may also build unique QR codes for specific social media platforms. There are solutions specially made for Facebook and Instagram, and you can use them for free.
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GPS QR code

When you give people addresses, it should be clear and concise. They might lose their way and end up at the wrong address if you give them confusing directions.

You can link an exact location on Google Maps with a QR code. When a user scans the QR code, they will see the precise point on Google Maps, making it easier for them to get there.

Feedback QR code

To improve your charity event, one thing to consider and determine how people feel about the cause. You can do that using a feedback QR code.

One simple scan is required for someone to provide feedback effortlessly, and the online feedback form will display on the smartphone’s screen.

Create your QR codes today and promote your charity events

Who would have thought that modern technology such as QR codes can let people help others, especially those in need?

Many non-profit organizations are integrating QR codes for their charity events and fundraisers.
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These digital tools allow people to donate quickly without taking money out of their wallets.

Start creating your QR codes now with the most advanced QR code generator with logo software.

Use this technology to bring people together who care about a cause so they can make a difference.

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