How do you choose the best body piercing shops?

How to Research a Shop

It can be difficult to look at all the aspects and areas that make a shop a good one. You may also not have the support of friends who have been pierced before. There are many things you can do to make sure your piercing experience is enjoyable, safe, and comfortable.

Opening a Shop

You might find a group of piercers at a shop that specializes in a certain type of body piercing. You don’t have to stop at the spot you found.

Artists may have a particular piercing that they are more familiar with. You should look at the portfolio of any artist you are considering working with.

Questions to Ask

You should not only ask general questions about your piercings, but you should also consider specific questions that will help to clarify what you are doing.

  • How can you sterilize your equipment?
  • What should I do after my piercing has been completed?
  • How long does this piercing last?
  • What permits do you have to pierce the type of?
  • Which materials do you prefer for your jewelry?

These questions are welcome in any professional piercing shop near me. However, you should always talk to the staff and artists to clarify your question. Don’t be afraid of asking.

Understanding the Equipment

A hollow needle is used by professional piercers to puncture the skin and cartilage in the area where you want to attach jewelry. Instead, the needle is pushed on top to allow the needle to penetrate the skin’s superficial layers.

Professional artists should not use guns to pierce ears or other areas of the body.

The Piercing Procedure

Your artist will help you navigate the entire process, whether you are looking for a tongue ring or a naval piercing.

Contrary to popular belief the hollow piercing nail doesn’t actually remove any tissue.
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It just pushes the tissue back to the area where your jewelry will be. Because jewelry can become hard to pierce again, some piercings will require that you have it in your ear at all times.

Although you might feel some discomfort from the piercings, the majority of the pain is manageable regardless of your tolerance.

Everything About Aftercare

Aftercare is what every artist will tell you about how important it is to maintain the longevity and health of your piercings. Because piercing can be a very intimate form of body modification there are many things you should keep in mind once you have one.

Aftercare involves keeping the area clean and free from any bacteria or other harmful debris. For the first few weeks, keep an eye on your piercing to monitor its healing.
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You should also use an antibacterial soap to wash the area often, especially if there is any sweating or debris. It is often easier to prevent infection than to treat it. Make sure you follow all instructions when you have your piercing done.

Sterilizing Your Jewelry

There are two options for sterilizing your jewelry: boiling water or using a chemical formula. To kill harmful bacteria, boil the water and leave the jewelry in there for five minutes.

Use chemicals that are not irritants or bleach to avoid allergic reactions. To properly disinfect the jewelry, soak it in water for at least 1 minute.

These steps will make sure that you have a pleasant and safe piercing experience. You might even return for another one sooner than expected!

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