How hard is CCIE lab?

Wondering about the difficulty level of an exam is the favorite thing of every student to do.
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Are you on one of those too? Are you about to give you an exam and wondering how difficult will it ab and if you are enough prepared for it or not?

Well, if you are about to give the CCIE lab exam then stop worrying because we have the answer to your question below. Continue reading to find out how hard is CCIE lab?

Measuring the Hardship

We believe that any exam is hard if the student has not prepared for it properly.

while the level of difficulty can increase with each new level, but if you are prepared enough and have your concepts clear, you won’t find the entire exam difficult, maybe a question or two can be tough for you.

Talking about the CCIE lab exam, here is what we have found about its difficulty for you.

How difficult is your text: CCIE lab exam?

The case with the CCIE lab exam is quite opposite of the other Cisco exams since it’s a practical exam and not a theoretical one.

Therefore, it’s not easy to just prepare for it and crack the exam because according to those who have appeared for it, this exam has been one of the most difficult exams of their lives, and cracking it wasn’t easy at all.

According to statistics, every year nearly 8,000-10,000 people take the CCIE lab exam and it is said that people are unable to clear it even after their 10th or 20th attempt and years of preparation.

The lab exam is difficult because it tests problem-solving skills, has criteria of scoring 80%  points to clear the examination

Furthermore, the written exam of CCIE includes :

  • multiple-choice
  • fill-in-the-blank questions

The good news here is that It is  relatively easier than the lab exam.

And the main reason is preparing for a theory exam using a book is always easy than preparing for a practical exam when you might not have all the apparatus with you all the time.

And since people usually don’t have a practical lab at their home to practice their hands at what they have been learning through a book, the CCIE lab exam seems quite difficult to crack for them.

But at the same time, not having a lab to practice your knowledge is not the only obligation that students face in this exam, since this exam comes with lots of practice solving questions, sometimes people also lose marks because of lack of speed, task analysis, and troubleshooting skills although they have clear concepts and knowledge about everything.

Hence, such students are unable to finish the entire exam within time and lose valuable marks ultimately that keeps them from getting the certificate.

No, we aren’t here to demotivate you and keep you from giving the exam. Here are all the reasons why you should give the exam and how it’s worth it.

Benefits of clearing CCIE lab exam:

  1.  Earn a specific number that can be mentioned on the business cards and e-mail signatures.
  2. Renewal of certificates in every 2 years by taking a written exam only and not the practical one.
  3. Earn respect, money, and more opportunities in your engineering career.
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Moreover, ntwork engineers who have passed the exam say it is worth the time, money, and every hard work that you put in to clear the exam.

Also, while it’s so rare to pass the CCIE lab exam on the first attempt, but some people have cleared it in the very first attempt without spending hours and hours preparing for it.
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And if they can then you can do it too!


While understanding how hard is CCIE lab exam is, we concluded that it is indeed one of the most difficult exams by Cisco and cracking it on the first attempt is quite rare.

But what we also got to know is that clearing this exam has got so many benefits for the engineers and how they must clear this prestigious exam if they want to be proud and be the best in their field of job.

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