How Much do Packers and Movers Charge in Bangalore

Congratulations! You found your dream home, now comes the hectic task; moving your house goods safely to your new home. You may think of shifting by yourself as you don’t have much idea on how much a moving company will charge you. Remember best packers and movers in Bangalore will be transparent with their pricing. 

Whether you are relocating within the city or moving to a different city, it’s best to know how packing companies calculate your home shifting charges. This will help you avoid paying higher costs, and know when a moving company is trying to scam you.

Costs Included in Packers and Movers Quote

Given below are some of the ways packers and movers calculate the moving cost and you can also find out how to cut moving costs.

Packaging Costs

Your packaging charges will rely on the number of goods you are moving, amount of packing material required, and quality of packaging needed (Premium or Economic). On average, packing and moving companies will charge around 25% out of the overall cost for packing material. The fewer goods you move, the lower your relocation cost will be.

Labor Costs

The complete home shifting process involves a lot of physical tasks such as packaging goods, loading them into trucks, unloading them at your doorstep, unpacking and arranging them, etc. The packers movers bill will include 15% of the total cost as labor charges, which mainly covers services like packing-unpacking, loading-unloading, and disassembly-reassembly. 

For intercity moving, unpacking and reassembly won’t be a part of your basic service. However, you can avail these services for extra cost, by requesting them for those services beforehand, as they have to make necessary arrangements in your destination city.

Transportation Rates

Transportation costs in India mostly make up the majority of your relocation expenses as trucks are the most preferred mode of transport one can rely on. The truck rentals prices approx. 60% of your overall shifting rates. This 60% relies on the size of the truck, type of truck (dedicated or shared truck), and relocation distance.

How to Cut Down Your Moving Costs

  • Proper Planning: Preparing for your relocation at least 1 month before the shifting date will give you enough time to find a reliable shifting service company at a reasonable cost. It will also help you finish all your pre-shift tasks on time.
  • Declutter Goods: The volume of goods you are moving is the major factor that impacts other factors such as the number of packing supplies needed, size of the truck, number of laborers required, etc. Sort out and get rid of items you haven’t used for a long time or don’t need anymore. This will help you lower the shifting cost. You can either donate the usable goods or sell them to make some money.
  • Choose Right Day for Moving: Weekends & month-ends are believed as expensive times to plan your home shifting, as it’s the peak time for packers because of the high demand. To save significantly on the inflated rate charged by movers and packers, choose a weekday that comes in the middle of a month (5th to 25th of any month) for safe and smooth home shifting at reasonable rates. 
  • Get Multiple Cost Quotes: Every shifting firm has its own way of calculating moving costs. Shortlist at least 3-5 packers near you, contact them to share your shifting requirements and get cost quotes. Compare them with each other based on factors like brand reputation, years of experience, coat quotes, services offered, reviews, ratings, etc., and hire the most suitable packers and movers that meet your requirement and budget.
  • Prepare Your Appliances: To avoid paying for the repairs of your appliances and electronic goods; prepare them a night before relocation, such as defrosting the fridge, clicking pictures before unplugging cables from TV, emptying water filters, etc., and prepare them for the move.
  • Manage Your Utilities: Contact your utility service provider to disconnect or transfer your utility service, like LPG agency, Wi-Fi, DTH, magazine company, etc., to avoid paying for services you haven’t used.

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The Final Word

Packers and Movers charge estimations include 3 major criteria: Packing charges, Labour cost, and Transportation cost. These three criteria are affected by other aspects like number of goods you are shifting, moving distance, type of truck, quality of packaging required, residing floor, the distance between door to truck, amount of physical work involved, etc.  Click here to know more:

To make sure you don’t get scammed, it’s important to know the criteria on which the packers and movers calculate your relocation cost. Request your packers to conduct a pre-shift survey to accurately calculate your house shifting cost, this way you can also discuss your requirements with them in person, and they will come prepared with all required tools and equipment on moving day.

Remember there is ‘n‘ number of packing companies in the market, to make sure you hire a trustworthy mover you will have to do background research on them., a reliable packing-moving firm directory, helps you hire pre-verified relocation professionals in Pan Indian locations.

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