How the gaming community has evolved over the years

Gaming was long thought of as a niche hobby. It didn’t attract large numbers of consumers because it just wasn’t mainstream. This has changed over the years and has led tomany more demographics joining the gaming community. We’ve taken a look at some of the changes that have taken place.

Casual gamers

This is an area that has seen a big influx of new players over the last few years. It’s mainly due to the increase in quality that mobile devices are able to offer to players. This, combined with the increase in the sheer quantity of casual games that are offered, has made casual gaming a big demographic. It’s not just standard puzzle games that come under this category either. Claiming bingo bonus offers and enjoying bingo can also make youpart of this community. They make up one of the most significant portions of the community at the moment.

One of the biggest areas that has grown in this demographic is people who stay at home.
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So,in between vacuuming the house, people can spend their downtime playing a simple casual game. It is an easy and simple way to enjoyably pass the time without having to devote lots of effort to playing.

Female gamers

If you were to go back to the 80s, or even the 90s, gamers were stereotyped as teenage males. This meant that most of the marketing that went into selling games was aimed at this demographic. While there have always been female gamers, they weren’t a large part of the market for a long time. It could be due to the whole chicken and egg argument.
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Were there very few female gamers because they weren’t marketed to, or were they not marketed to because there weren’t many of them?

Whatever the reason, by the start of the 2000s, this began to shift somewhat. With the advent of mobile games and social media, it allowed the female gaming community to come together. When this happened, many female gamers found out something surprising. There were a lot more of them than they first thought. With this discovery, the female gaming demographic has grown significantly. In fact, taking into account all forms of gaming, females make up the largest portion of gamers.

Indie gamers

Indie games were an important part of gaming when it first started up. Over time, this became less so as big publishers dominated the arena. There were still some indie games out there, mainly on PC, but they generally didn’t get the support they had when gaming was first getting up and running.

This has changed as the internet has made access to games much easier. Indie developers can distribute their games to millions of players purely by offering titles through the internet. With consoles offering this method of delivery in the modern era, indie gamers have the ability to enjoy some of their favorite games on the latest consoles. It has helped the community to thrive.

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