How to Know the Generic equivalent of branded medicine?

What are Branded Medicines?

Branded medicines are revolutionary products discovered by a pharmaceutical company. New drug application is submitted to the FDA for approval. The approval is regarding the dosage, safety, efficacy, labelling and packaging. Only after verifying these characteristics by the FDA, the manufacturing company can exclusively market their brand name medicine that are under patent usually lasting for around 20years from the time of their discovery.  Once the patent of the branded medicine expires, generic form of the branded medicine becomes available. Furthermore, Brand-name medicines are more expensive than generic drugs because they spend a lot on clinical trials on animals or humans and also advertising and marketing of the branded medicine. When the patent period of the branded medicine is about to get over, manufacturers apply to the FDA to sell the generic version of these branded medicines, also known as branded Generic . 

Lets know more about Generic Medicine:

India exports generic drugs in more than 200 countries. Thus India has become  the largest provider of generic medicine in terms of volume with 20 percent of global exports of generics. With the flourishing market for generic medicine, India is doing extensive work to produce better drugs. 

According to the FDA, Generic Medicines are safe and effective medicine just like their branded counterparts. Generic medicines are identical to the brand name drug as they contain the same active agent, in same dosage, same route of administration and strength. Generic medicine also has the same quality standards that are maintained in their production.  See more here from Download Free eBooks From Z Library

Generic medicines are nothing but the chemical name of the active ingredients used. They are also called pure Generics. Generic medicines have to be bioequivalent to their branded counterparts. This means that the Generic medicine should be absorbed into the patient’s bloodstream in the same amount as the branded counterpart.

Generic drugs reduce out-of-pocket expenditures significantly when compared with branded medications as generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts. Though the generic medicines are identical to branded medicines when it comes to formulation but may differ in other features like shape, size, colour, packaging , storage conditions and inactive ingredients that don’t interfere in the treatment process. 

To be approved by the FDA, generic medicines must be safe and effective. According to a study, 90% of the patients believed that generic drugs were as effective as branded drugs.
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Generic drugs were perceived to be as effective, safe, and adherence-friendly as branded drugs by patients. Generic drug manufacturers are also required to comply with FDA regulations like:

  • Meet the same strength, purity, and quality requirements as the original manufacturer; and
  • Assuring compliance with “Good Manufacturing Practices” is our top priority.

A research study indicates The results are good news for the future of the state’s generic prescribing policy and show that it would be a good idea to work toward its full implementation.

There are several ways in which generic drugs are accessible to everyone:

  • Your general or family physician is the best person to inquire with regarding the availability of generic drugs. Before making the switch to an alternative, it is best to discuss it with your general physician first.
  • Generic versions of drugs can sometimes be obtained in place of their brand-name counterparts. It is possible to purchase it from a pharmacy as an over the counter (OTC) item.
  • If Your doctor has prescribed a drug, but that particular brand is not available in the medical store (or is too expensive). Depending on the drug’s chemical composition, the store pharmacist may suggest alternative medicines with similar salts to those prescribed.
  • For example: if your doctor has prescribed Glycomet 500 SR, a branded medicine produced by USVLtd., used to control blood sugar levels. The active ingredient of Glycomet 500 SR is metformin. The pharmacist may suggest another medicine that has the same active ingredient in the same quantity.

To find out more about generic products, you can also visit websites like Truemeds. We recommend that people stay away from self-medication. It is highly recommended that you seek medical attention for treatment. Here at Truemeds, you can get free doctor consultation regarding substitute generic drugs instead of the brand-name drugs. Truemeds is a user-friendly site where generic medicine is delivered pan India. You also save upto 72% on purchase of generic medicine on Truemeds.


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