How to Repair Corrupt Excel Files Using Repairit?


MS Excel is for complex calculations, illustrative graphics, and charts. It can store a massive amount of data. Though it is available for fonts, it can be a headache, too, particularly if they are damaged or corrupted. But with the Repairit video repair tool, it is possible to repair all types of excel files. So, you can repair corrupted excel file using Repairit’s remarkable features. 

In this article, you will learn how to recover corrupt excel file using Repairit. 

The Reasons Behind Excel File Corruption 

The Excel files that you have on your computer can get inevitably corrupted due to various reasons. So, the information the file contains can become inaccessible. 

Here are the most common reasons behind Excel file corruption. 

  1. Sudden Power Failure

At times, power failure is unavoidable. If you are using a desktop without UPS, a sudden power failure can shut it down instantly. If you have been working on an Excel file, it gets closed without being saved. As the computer restarts, the Excel file you were working on might not be accessible. Thus, the files might be corrupted.

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2. Defects in Excel Application

Even though Excel is highly useful, it can’t handle some issues. In fact, there might be some issues with Excel itself. At times, it might not respond to your instructions. So, you might have to turn off the application and restart it. During this process, you might lose some information. It can be inconvenient for people. It can cause the file to be corrupted. 

3. Hard Disk Failure

In case the hard disk, where the excel files are stored, fails, the Excel file might get corrupted. You can avoid this if you are backing up the file regularly. This way, you will not be left out to dry in case that happens. 

4. Large File Sizes

 Excel files can handle a lot. However, if you store too much data in one file, it is like playing with fire. In case the spreadsheet starts to lag, it is a sign that you are pushing its capabilities too much. So, you should either move the data-management software or split the software that can handle oversized data sets.

Common Ways to Repair Excel File

Now that you know the major issues that can arise with Excel files, you can use some common ways to repair files. 

  1. Use Native Repairing Feature by MS Excel

With Office documents in-built repairing solutions, it is easier to fix all types of minor issues. Thus, if your XLSX or XLS files are mildly damaged, you can repair them using the native feature of the application. 

For repairing any corrupt Excel file, you have to launch the Excel application and then go over to Menu and then File and ultimately to Open Feature. You can locate and choose the corrupt Excel document on your system. 

Now, rather than loading it using the regular method on Excel, click on the dropdown button present on the adjacent side of Open Feature. From there, you can choose the ‘Open and Repair’ feature and wait as MS Excel tries to repair the file. 

2. Deleted Unwanted Temporary Excel Data

At times, there might be some problems with the temporary files on MS Excel, which can lead to conflict with the files. But this problem can be resolved by eliminating all temporary Office data from the system. 

For that, you have to launch Windows Explorer and then shift to Windows Drive. Now, go over to ‘Users> [Username}> AppData> Local> Microsoft> Office’. 

The window that opens will show you many files from where you have to search for the files with the ‘tmp’ extension. Thereafter, delete them from your system. When you are done, launch MS Excel and try to load the corrupt XLS file. Microsoft Excel Certification in Paris.

How to Repair Excel Files with Repairit?

If none of the above techniques work, and it is a serious issue, use Wondershare Repairit. It is a user-friendly file repair application that you can use to repair multiple Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files. 

Here are the steps to repair files using Repairit. 

  1. Launch Repairit on your desktop and load the damaged Excel file using the ‘Add’ button. 

2. Repair the file you loaded by clicking on the ‘Repair’ button. 

3. When the repair process is complete, click on ‘Preview’ to check the file before saving it.

4. If you are okay with the outcome, click on ‘Save’. 

Apart from Excel files, you can also use them to repair videos. It uses 2048-bit encryption to protect the files you are uploading and delete them after 3 hours. The Repairit video repair tool is professional and easy to use.

Closing Words

Wondershare Repairit is one of the best tools to use for repairing a corrupt Excel file. Not only is it simple to use, but it is also safe as the files you are sharing are encrypted. A high level of expertise has gone into the creation of this tool. You can also use it for video repair. If you encounter any trouble, you can reach out to their round-the-clock support. So, if you have to repair corrupt Excel file, install Repairit. Choose a plan that is suitable for you.

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