What Makes the Aesthetics of HONOR Magic V2 Great

If the look of the phone is your main priority, then you do not have to search anywhere else. You have to buy HONOR Magic V2 because this phone is the best when it comes to the aesthetics department. In this article, we will give you, in detail, the many aspects of this smartphone that make it a very appealing phone for this year. 

Ways that Make The HONOR Magic V2 Have Great Aesthetics

It is thin

You may be accustomed to foldable smartphones that are heavy to hold. When you buy HONOR Magic V2 for someone, take a look at it first and see how thin and light it is. At first glance, you will think that it is impossible to be a foldable phone. But once you grip it again, you will eventually see the hinge to the side of the device. 

The phone is just around 9.9mm thick when folded. Again, this phone has the same thickness as typical competitors in the market. When unfolded, it becomes even thinner at 4.7mm. You would be amazed by the size that it transforms once you unfold the device.

If you are just going to decide based on the thinness of the HONOR Magic V2, then it is definitely a done deal. It is like having two phones in one with the Magic V2. 

Just a side note. The HONOR Magic V2 is not just thin but it is also lightweight. This device is just around 231 grams. 

It has different color options 

You have various options that you can choose from when you have HONOR Magic V2. You can get the back glass or the leather style. For the back glass, you can pick the purple or black. With the thermoplastic polymer, you only have one option, the black color. Any of the color exude style and elegance. This is because of the quality of the material used for the device. You also have to take note of the titanium material that makes up the hinge. 

Titanium is a very durable and resilient material. HONOR utilized this expensive material because it wants to ensure the sturdiness of the foldability of the product. A foldable phone will only be as good as its folding capability. It is good to know that the company that produces folding phones keep in mind that the most vulnerable part of this device is the hinge itself. By strengthening the hinge, the manufacturer also lengthens the lifespan of the smartphone. 

It has a leather variant

The leather variant is also available for the HONOR Magic V2 Ultimate edition. This also comes with a stylus pen to help you with the handwriting on both the displays of your phone. Both the HONOR Magic V2 and the HONOR Magic V2 Ultimate offers the same features in terms of power and display. 

It has great displays 

Speaking of displays, the two screens of the HONOR Magic V2 offer the same specifications. Aesthetic-wise, you can truly see the brightness and vividness of the colors on both displays. The 7.92-inch screen and the 6.43-inch displays can be used interchangeably depending on your need. 


You can just imagine the way that you will be holding the phone with its appealing appearance and right form factor for your hand. The texture of the phone makes it easy to grip. The dual screens also are very nice to look at. If you buy HONOR Magic V2 today, you acquire beauty and elegance in its appearance. You also get the best software and the top hardware available in the market. 

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