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How To Sell Ringtones Online and Earn Money? 

Today, every person has a cell phone in his hand. Regardless of their age, cell phones have become an addiction for everyone in the world. Once you get a hold of cell phones, then there is no going back. This addiction has a lot of negative impact on individuals and society. Regardless of what you do, an excess of cell phones is always bad.

However, when we try to think positively, then there are some positive sides to cell phones too. They have automatically created a huge market of people who consume a lot of information daily. Today, because of these cell phones the opportunities to make money have increased drastically.

If you are a musician or an artist, then there is good news for you. Musicians can make money because of cell phones and the internet. One of the ways to make money online is to Sell music online and make money when someone purchases the music that you offer. If people like your music, then they will buy your music and you will get famous.

Selling ringtones online

If you are a person who plays some instrument then you must start recording it because you can make money from it. You can easily convert the instrument into a ringtone and Sell ringtones online with the help of music distributors. The right Digital music distributor will spread your music across various platforms and your popularity will increase monumentally.

When you are looking for a music distributor, then you must choose MusicDigi to get your music on Apple Music and all other major platforms like amazon Tindal, iTunes, etc. MusicDigi is a tool, which will allow you to get fame very easily. It works like magic and helps to make you famous. All that you have to do is to make an account on the platform.

Once you have made a musicdigi account, you will be required to pay membership fees. Once you have taken the subscription, then you can simply upload your music along with the cover art of the music on the platform musicdigi. Then only in a couple of days, you will see that your music will appear on all the major music streaming platforms.

This is the simplest way to sell ringtones on iTunes and other major platforms of music.

Make money by selling music

Once your music or ringtone appears on different platforms, then people will start to stream and download your music. Every time your music is streamed or downloaded, you get revenue for that. This revenue generated will be deposited in your music Digi account.
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You can easily withdraw this amount from the account.


MusicDigi assures that the intellectual property rights of the music are yours and the complete ownership of your music remains yours. It is very important because there are some phony platforms which claim ownership of the music, which they sell. You must be aware and steer clear of such music distributors.

As a music creator, there are a lot of ways in which you can make money online.

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