How We Got 7% Conversions & 3X Organic Traffic within Just 6 Months For An D2C eCommerce Site

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you have bought at least something online. It could be ordering food or a pair of shoes, or even a pricey laptop. If you have not bought it online- you have at least looked it up before buying it. The internet has become such a vital part of our lives that we spend up to 400 minutes EVERY DAY on it.

It only makes sense that today, if you want to be SEEN, you must have a robust online presence. Businesses that invest in digital marketing beat out those that don’t- and some can even build their brand entirely online. 

Today, we will look at one such brand, which smartly navigated the digital landscape and established a profitable business.

And yes, with a top digital marketing firm in Delhi like BrandLoom- you can skyrocket your business growth too.

The birth of an online protein brand: creating a website according to modern UI/UX trends

This Delhi-based protein brand had great products- clean protein powders and supplements. Being a bootstrapped brand, they wanted to go for something other than expensive marketing. They figured that since their target audience was living half their lives online, they might as well stick to digital channels to market themselves.

It was a great idea, and we wholeheartedly agreed when they came to Team BrandLoom. And we started with the most basic foundation of a brand’s digital identity- its website.

The website for this clean protein brand had many issues:

  1. It had practically no traffic.
  2. There was no online visibility for the brand.
  3. No sales were happening.
  4. The content was barely there, and it was unoptimized.
  5. The sitemap was incorrect.
  6. The pages were not loading fast.
  7. Its URLs were not optimized either.
  8. They were showing many 301 redirects.
  9. The header and footer were missing.
  10. There was no search bar.
  11. No product review options.
  12. Un-interactive UI/UX.
  13. Most on-page SEO parameters were missing, which are responsible for pushing a website up in Google rankings.

In other words- EVERYTHING on the website needed an overhaul. A good digital marketing agency can create a good website that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Outdated web design trends make your brand feel dated and put off your audiences. To help our client, we needed to make the website feel true to the brand- but also make it feel fresh and modern to the audiences who would be visiting it. 

So we got started.

  1. Looking at the current UI/UX trends, we redesigned the homepage and created a more attractive and interactive website.
  2. We ensured the website had all the elements needed for an online store- from “latest products” to “discounts,” etc.
  3. We also redesigned the product and category pages.
  4. Revamped the header and footer.
  5. Implemented a search function.
  6. Made the menu easy to navigate.
  7. Added reviews to the site.
  8. Added risk-reversal elements to prevent customers from moving away- like “returns and refunds.”
  9. Revamped the checkout page to add guest checkout options.
  10. We also fixed the website to make it much faster.

Now that we had an attractive, functional, AND trendy website, we decided to get traffic to it.

Using SEO tactics to get 3X traffic to a site within 6 months

Content-wise, the site was in a tight spot.

  1. The product pages had no content.
  2. Overall, the website had very thin content.
  3. Due to this, no non-branded keywords were used to bring in organic traffic.
  4. There was no content funnel to guide the visitors to make a purchase.
  5. Duplicate content was abundant.

Our SEO and content team is set to work. We created and implemented a proper content strategy that included the following:

  1. Identifying and working on priority category and product pages.
  2. Finding relevant buzz-worthy topics to write about.
  3. Identified and incorporated important and relevant keywords into our content.
  4. Updating the site with SEO-optimized, well-researched content 12 times a month.
  5. Writing attractive and persuasive copies to guide users.
  6. Creating high-quality blogs that kept visitors coming back.
  7. Structuring the content in SEO-friendly ways to make it more “readable” for Google.

Our hard work paid off. Just within 6 months, the website:

  1. Was getting 3X ORGANIC traffic.
  2. Overall conversion rates went up 7%.

Of course, the conversion rate was immensely helped by our email marketing strategy and some smart influencer marketing. 

Email marketing done right: getting RECORD EMAIL OPEN RATE of 30%

If you are a bootstrapped company(like our client)- you can partner up with the best digital marketing companies like BrandLoom for email marketing. Marketing personnel promising you the moon and the stars may declare that email is dead- but the truth is, it’s STILL highly effective.

Email marketing can give you up to 42% ROI. It’s highly efficient, and going this route means you can manage your cash reserves much better and build a more profitable business in the long run.

For our client, too, it worked SWIMMINGLY. 

Our client opted for email marketing to improve sales and promote repeat sales. They wanted to improve their ROI, engage their audiences, build thought leadership in their niche, and maximize the lifetime value of their customers.

To achieve that, this is what we did.

  1. Designed an attractive template for the newsletter.
  2. Created info-rich content that was useful for the readers. We wrote on relevant topics such as health, wellness, athletic performance, and nutrition. 
  3. Used the newsletter to create awareness about the brand’s USP- clean protein.
  4. To show the customers that our client cared for them- we provided useful information to them instead of blatantly promoting products.
  5. Created a mailing schedule for maximum engagement.

The email newsletters were a GRAND success.

  1. 30% open rate(!)- consistently.
  2. Orders started pouring in.
  3. Our client could establish itself as an authoritative brand in their niche.


Our client is an established brand today, steadily growing their revenues and carving out a niche for themselves in the market. If you are a business that wants to succeed similarly- start leveraging digital marketing trends and strategies to reach out to and engage your audiences on the internet. 

All you need to do is find the best marketing consultants on your side.

Trust us, with the right marketing partner; it WILL work out. 

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