Incredible Details on Tantric Massages

You probably know about massages and chances are that you frequent the spa for a relaxing session of massage. But do you know what a tantric massage is and have you ever had one? Maybe not.

Tantric massage involves your whole body, even your intimate parts. Its main target is to arouse your sexual zeal, enhance the bond between lovers and increase consciousness of sexual satisfaction in your body.

Tantric massage aims to enhance relaxation, stimulation, and connection between partners while concentrating on erogenous areas. Tantric London is a practice within neotantra, a western technique that draws a lot from the Hindu culture.

Different from traditional massage, tantric massage includes spiritual aspects like eye contact, consciousness, and breathing systems. Even though the main goal is not to have an orgasm, the massage involves your erotic areas and intimate parts. The focus is on experiencing pleasure but you may have an orgasm in the process.
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How to Perform a tantric Massage

  • Start by setting the right relaxing mood with dim lights and cool music.
  • The receiver should take off his/her clothes but the masseur can choose to remain dressed.
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  • Make constant eye contact and take 5 deep breaths simultaneously.
  • Using your natural massage oil, rub it in your palms until it is warm.
  • Let your partner lie on the tummy and start massaging the upper body parts that is the ears, neck, and back.
  • Tell your partner to flip on his backside and work on the whole body involving the stomach, chest, legs, and more : Movierulz4
  • Now move to the inner thighs going into the genital area.
  • Work on all of the erogenous areas like the vulva, breasts, testicles, perineum, butt, and penis.
  • Ask your partner what feels nice. If there is a particular part that feels thrilling for him/her, concentrate on that area to enhance arousal.
  • If your partner climaxes, continue stroking them for a while as they cool down. If orgasm doesn’t occur, help your partner to calm the sexual energy until he gets relaxed.
  • This process can last for up to one hour depending on your preferences. Remain tranquil and communicative.

Is a Tantric Massage Similar to Other Forms of Massage?

Let us bring it to your attention that a tantric massage is different from other traditional massages. You need to understand its unique qualities before going for a session.

Normal massages are only meant to make you unwind, relieve anxiety, and stimulate blood circulation. An ordinary bodywork mainly aims at the parts that you use for doing your routine activities. On the other hand, tantric Londonmainly concentrates on erotic parts and sexual desires. It involves taking different positions depending on one’s sexual energy.
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Other Massages Equivalent to Tantric Massage

Well, there are various types of tantric bodyworks classified according to gender, positions, and the desired results as one lies on the tummy. Going deeper into this tantric massage, we discover numerous techniques that fall into this category. Different regions have different names for the same thing while most areas popularly referring to it as the happy ending massage.

  • Lingam Massage

This one is particularly for men, with the bodywork concentrating on the body’s main sexual energy and leisure. Here, the masseur creates an ambience of complete gratification for the receiver. Orgasm may occur in the process but that is not the main purpose of the massage. This massage offers you the satisfaction of your innermost desire.

  • Yoni Massage

This is strictly for females and it involves the masseur concentrating on providing erotic desires. The prime body parts targeted in this case are the breasts, g-spot, anus, vagina, and mouth. The massage is not focused on delivering an orgasm but on properly rotating the sexual energy. However, an orgasm may occur as well.

  • Taoist Tantra Massage

The origin of this type of massage is China. Here, the Taoist technique is used to relax a client’s body and the background has some mild Taoist meditation to calm your mind.

What Is Needed for A Tantric Massage Session?

As a common practice, the primary components of a massage are a good masseur, a natural massage oil, and a massage table. But in the case of a tantric massage, the following is involved.

  • Developing skills – a tantric masseuse has to pass through some procedures and have some knowledge before doing the massage. He/she must be conversant with the chakra’s flow, know some acupuncture, sexual therapy, and more. Without the necessary skills, one can’t do a tantric London.
  • Syncing – the masseur attempts to sync with the receiver’s energy to adjust it accordingly for maximum pleasure. The massage involves very sensitive parts of the human anatomy and the performer and client must be in sync.
  • Time limit –just like ordinary massages, tantric massage has a set time as well and one has to work within it. The duration is also important so that the receiver does not deviate from the peak state brought about by the massage.
  • Reflective music –without the perfect ambience, the massage cannot yield fruit. The space where the massage will take place must be soothing and peaceful. Most masseurs prefer to do some mild background music as the aura helps the client to relax.
  • Regular breathing –controlled breathing is an essential aspect of tantric massage. Breathing is healthy and it helps to control our emotions. In this case, deep breathing is paramount for best results. In this case, deep breathing should be simultaneous for the masseuse and the receiver.Read More About: movierulz4

Bottom Line

Tantric massage is a must-know for those who desire to relieve sexual tension in their bodies. The technique fulfills the innermost desires of our bodies and it enables one to experience a steady flow of erotic energy. The above information is aimed at expounding your knowledge on everything concerning tantric massage.

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