Installment buying by receiving an instant loan to purchase products in Iran

Today, the issue of inflation has become one of the most important issues in the world. Therefore, according to this need, startups have appeared all over the world, whose mission is to give loans to people to buy goods.

In Iran, there are sites such as Lendo, ghesta, Azki Vam, Ghesti Club, Digipay, etc., which give loan applicants the opportunity to easily purchase the product they want.

In the continuation of this article, we will review the DGshahr startup, which is one of the startups that provides loans and credit for the purchase of product.

Introducing DGshahr services

DGshahr provides various facilities to loan applicants by providing product loans for installment purchases. DGshahr despite the validation rating of people can give them loans with 60 months refund.

Benefits of getting a loan from DGshahr

  • The lowest fee
  • Higher loan volume
  • Longer repayment period
  • No need for a guarantor
  • Less time in granting loans
  • Free validation

The lowest fee and the lowest effective rate

One of the most important advantages of receiving a loan from DGshahr is the lowest fee. Loan applicants pay different fee levels according to their loan repayment period:

6 months: 5% facility fee

12 months: 5% facility fee

18 months: 6.72% facility fee

24 months: 8.24 facility fee

30 months: 9.24% facility fee

36 months: 9.96% facility fee

42 months: 10.64% facility fee

48 months: 11.29% facility fee

60 months: 12.52% facility fee

If you are looking for a low-interest loan, or in other words, a loan with the lowest fees, DGshahr has provided you with the possibility to buy more goods and, as a result, the amount you receive will increase significantly compared to other competitors in Iran.

Higher loan limit

The limit on the amount of loan received is one of the most important advantages that distinguish DGshahr from other competitors.

Maximum loan repayment period

The repayment period of DGshahr loan is set up to 60 months according to your needs, of course you can even change the amount of credit you receive and determine the repayment period of the loan installments. But what is known as an advantage is the 60-month ceiling as repayment of the facility, which will result in more profit. In fact, DGshahr has the longest repayment period compared to other lendtechs that offer loans for the purchase of goods. Therefore, it is considered a good economic option for applicants who want to pay their loan in long-term installments.

Get a loan single with a check

Receiving a credit of 120 million tomans with a single check without the need for a guarantor is the most important service provided by DGshahr to applicants for a loan for the purchase of goods. You can get an instant online loan according to your credit rating to buy installments with a check from DGshahr.

Less time in granting loans

The first step for buying products in installments is to choose a company that we can trust and buy our “target products” with the best quality and the right price. The target product is actually the required product that should be purchased in accordance with the desired credit limit and its repayment period, and while satisfying our needs, we should also fulfill the investment in the best way and avoid paying double costs for the purchase. We will buy the same product in the future.

But the most important thing that occupies the mind of the applicant for a loan in the first place is the credit limit, annual repayment interest and guarantee. So far, DGshahr has provided all three conditions for online loan applicants; In other words, these three advantages in DGshahr are:

  • Having the highest credit limit (200 million Tomans)
  • Having the maximum installment repayment period (60 months)
  • Receive a loan up to 120 million tomans without the need for a guarantor

Free validation

Previously, it was necessary to pay a fee for validation in order to receive a product loan. Suppose you are supposed to receive credit from several different places and as a result you have to pay a fee for validation each time. Free validation is one of the most important measures taken by DGshahr for users so that they no longer need to pay to receive credit for purchasing their goods. Therefore, receiving a loan with free validation is another advantage offered by DGshahr to applicants.

Determining the loan amount based on a person’s validation rating

The meaning of validation rating is a person’s creditworthiness in paying his received credits over the years. In other words, if a person is considered one of the creditworthy customers who has paid his previous loans on time, he will have validation rating.

Benefits of installment purchase

DGshahr provides applicants with the facility to purchase durable consumer goods by offering loans up to “200 million tomans” and a “60-month repayment period”. But in addition to these two special advantages, DGshahr has also considered other unique facilities for online loan applicants, which are unique compared to competitors. Receiving a loan of up to 120 million Tomans without a guarantor and with only one fisherman’s check to guarantee the payment of installments during 60 months and receiving 200 million Tomans with two checks has made DGshahr the best lendtech in Iran in the field of applying for essential loans for the purchase of goods.

What products can be purchased with a DGshahr loan?

Some of the best products that you can buy from Digi City store are:

Digital products

The most important digital goods available in DGshahr’s online installment shopping store are: mobile phones, laptops, cameras, storage equipment, etc.


The most important digital goods available in DGshahr’s online installment shopping store are: carpets, furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.


It is possible to buy all kinds of installment motorcycles in different classes from Niked and Sport to scooters at DGshahr store.

Other categories of products available on the DGshahr website are:


Equipment and tools

Sports and travel

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