International money transfers online with VelurPay


It has never been so easy and fast to make money transfers as with VelurPay. At the same time, you receive all the necessary guarantees at the level of banking institutions. So customers get only benefits, and no risks.

How to send a money transfer

Today, everyone has access to fast and secure money transfers online. To gain access to the wide functionality of the company, you only need to go through a quick registration process. You can do this from absolutely any device, the procedure takes only a few minutes.

After registering, you can make international transfers and use a number of other services. The full functionality of the company is available to both individuals and legal entities. So everyone can become a VelurPay client, having appreciated all the advantages.

With VelurPay you can not only make international transfers online, but also use a number of other financial services. You can make a money transfer without losing money, because VelurPay offers customers only the best prices on the market. Rates here are the most competitive on the market. In addition, customers appreciate the absence of hidden fees.

So it is possible to carry out international money transfers by VelurPay without loss of funds. Thus, you get convenient tools for managing your own budget.

You can make international money transfers online around the world. After all, payments are available to customers in more than 120 countries of the world. So, VelurPay clients are not limited by territory, which is an indisputable advantage.

Benefits of VelurPay

With VelurPay you can send an international money transfer without any risks. After all, the company provides a banking level of security. Uses advanced privacy and data encryption technology. So the risk of losing funds is zero.

So VelurPay is by far the safest way to send an international money transfer online or receive funds.

All clients can not only receive an international money transfer, but also use a number of other services. After all, VelurPay offers its customers a full range of services, which is especially convenient.

There is no more reliable way to receive an international money transfer online than VelurPay. After all, this is a licensed company, which is under the control of the Financial Supervision Authority. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds. Enjoy the wide functionality of the company.

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