Investments in iGaming Stocks – Growing Trend in the Arab Region

Traditionally, people have invested in stocks and shares of on-ground companies and corporations in the exchange markets. However, this changed with the advent of digital assets, such as social media companies, gaming websites, and cryptocurrencies.

The online gambling industry has recently become one of the most popular investment choices. In fact, it has arguably cast a shadow over the traditional casino industry by introducing crypto support, multiple OS compatibility, and an extensive list of different casino games.

Today, we’re going to find out if investing in iGaming stocks can be a successful investment in the Middle East (with all the legality issues).

Is Gambling a Successful Investment in the Middle East?

While gambling and land-based casinos are illegal in most Middle Eastern countries, stocks and shares are in another ballpark. Fortunately, the Arab government views stocks and gambling with a discerning eye.

Therefore, Arabs can invest in casino company stocks and shares even though many try to draw similarities between gambling and stock trading. Furthermore, several countries are making moves to legalize gambling. Countries like Qatar and Jordan already have many gambling facilities operating illegally.

We don’t condone illegal or illicit activities but merely highlight that Arabs, in general, are passionate about gambling, which means investing in the gambling industry can be successful in the Middle East.

Many Arabs regularly partake in gambling and betting activities using offshore gambling operators providing services to the gray market. In this regard, countries, including the U.A.E, Morocco, Lebanon, and Tunisia, are well-known in the Middle East for gambling.

In addition to casino gambling, the Middle East has also dipped its fingers into sports betting opportunities, with the support of well-known platforms like Bet365, which provide Arab players opportunities to bet on horse races, football, and other sports.

Possible Companies for Investment

With the rate at which the iGaming industry is growing, it can prove to be a successful investment in the Middle East. Even though the heavy hitters are unavailable on the local stock market, Arab players are already familiar with names such as 888 Holdings, NetEnt, and LeoVegas through offshore affiliates.

Consequently, they can use offshore affiliates and VPN services to access NASDAQ and other international stock markets for investing in iGaming stocks. Even running a simple Google search can familiarize you with companies with a good reputation among Arab players and shares in the international stock market with the most growth.

Let’s list some of these companies:

888 Holdings

888 Holdings is one of the most widely recognized brands in the gambling industry, with an equally reputable standing in the Middle East. It also doesn’t hurt that 888 Holdings has been operating various online casino websites since 1997.

888Holdings was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005 and is the first online casino to obtain a license from the United States. In the years that followed, the company launched several more casino websites, sports betting platforms, and a set of smartphone apps with both iOS and Android compatibility. All this to say, 888 Holdings represents a successful investment in the Middle East.


LeoVegas Inc. is a highly respected brand in the Middle East and the rest of the world. The company has an extensive list of projects and online casinos under its belt, the most famous being the Leo Vegas Casino, which is very popular with Arab gamblers.

Similarly, the company has also dabbled in the software development department and offers mobile gambling applications which allow Arab gamblers to play slots on their mobile phones. You can find LeoVegas Inc. listed on NASDAQ.


If you’re an avid gambler, you might have come across popular slot titles developed by NetEnt. It is one of the most famous and reputable gaming software providers. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company has been active since 1996.

NetEnt is one of the gambling industry’s most widely successful gaming brands. In fact, some experts even go as far as to say it’s a yardstick for measuring the success of online casinos. You won’t find an online gambling platform that does not offer slots and table games developed by the software provider.

Therefore, if you’re investing in iGaming stocks, NetEnt presents a potentially successful and lucrative opportunity.

In Short…

We hope you found this article eye-opening and informative. The Middle East has rules and regulations, but it draws a clear distinction between gambling activities and investing in shares. With such an excellent investment opportunity available, it will be wise of our readers to consider investing in iGaming stocks!

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