Is Microsoft 77-420 Exam Worth It and Why Should You Pass It?

Professional certifications from renowned vendors can increase your value in the fiercely competitive job market and provide you with a competitive edge over your peers. The accreditations could lay the foundation for new employment or simply help you advance in the career you’ve already started. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the Microsoft 77-420 exam. But before diving into reasons to pass it, let’s see a few essential details associated with this evaluation.

The Microsoft 77-420 Exam Details

If you’re an applicant for the 77-420: Microsoft Excel 2013 test, you should be capable of working independently and bear a basic comprehension of the Excel environment. This includes a solid understanding of the Excel 2013 main features and the ability to apply them correctly. Apart from that, you need to possess the following skills:

  • Creating and managing worksheets & workbooks
  • Creating cells & ranges
  • Creating tables
  • Creating charts & objects
  • Applying formulas & functions

You should expect 40-60 questions in your 77-420 test. There will be 50 minutes given to accomplish all the inquiries. If you manage to score 700 points and more, you come by the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 accreditation. Successful completion of the assessment also satisfies a part of the requirements for the Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 Master accreditation. To register for the exam, applicants need to pay a fee of $100 per attempt.

Why Should You Pass the Microsoft 77-420 Exam?

Whether you wish to begin a business or find employment, the 77-420 evaluation can be extremely helpful. Here are some compelling reasons to pass it:

  • Job security 

Despite the fact that you could be hired without a MOS accreditation, getting one before your company requests it is always a great idea. The growing need for expertise in Excel makes the 77-420 exam popular among professionals interested in building a sustainable career. It’s good to pass the evaluation and acquire the associated certification before losing your employer’s interest. 

  • Potentially enhanced income

Your employer can decide to raise your pay if they discover you’re the right person for their company. The accreditation from Microsoft serves as irrefutable proof of your commitment to developing your skills and increasing your productivity. Therefore, your manager would be willing to reward you for your efforts. The average compensation for a specialist in Microsoft Excel as recorded by is about $56k per year. 

  • You help to grow your company’s business

It’s obvious that a business needs to embrace the technologies that its rivals utilize. If personnel aren’t properly trained, they can’t manage many organizational tasks that call for specialized knowledge. The company will benefit if its personnel have expertise in Excel. This is because most systems like those of accounting require Microsoft Office skills such as Excel to function. This makes it essential to pass the 77-420 exam.

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Passing the Microsoft 77-420 exam is a worthy investment that will be beneficial to both individuals and organizations. If you wish to guarantee job security and a good salary while helping your company grow, pursuing this evaluation will be the best decision you can ever make. Register now and give this evaluation a try!

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