Methods to Transform Your Space with Washi Tapes

Climate change is hurting every nook and corner of the world. People are accountable for the changes made in the environment. And, the discovery of man-made plastic products proved dangerous for the world. The use of biodegradable products becomes inevitable. Using eco-friendly products is a necessity more than needed. Everything including decorative material should be eco-friendly such as Vograce Washi Tape.

What is a Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a tape made from Japanese paper as its name says Wa means Japanese and Shi means paper. It is an eco-friendly adhesive tape made with a biodegradable product. It is different from normal western tapes which are made from tree pulp. Whereas washi tapes are made from plants or grains. For example, it can be made from rice paper, which makes it break down and compost easily back to earth.

Washi tapes have taken place more of a trend because they can be used for various purposes. These tapes can also be customized according to your requirements from online websites like Vograce Washi Tape. There are various qualities of washi tape such as it is more durable than other brands in the market, with clear color and good adhesion. Moreover, you can choose the design, shape, and size of the tape according to your choice.

Design, Shape, and Size

For instance, if you want to increase the width of the tape, Vograce Washi Tape gives you a range of width sizes from 1cm,1.5cm,2cm,3cm,4cm,5cm, and 7cm with a standard length of 3 /5 /7 /10 /15 m. You can send the images of your design to customize a design for your tape. It has a good adhesion quality that can be peeled off easily after applying. However, the print quality is excellent as it does not fade away.

Discount on Buying More

The simplest tagline says the more you will buy the more discount you will get. For example, if you will buy 200+ pieces you will get a 30% discount but if you will buy 1000+ pieces you will get a 60% discount.

Useful Ways to Decorate with Washi tape.

There are various ways by which you can use washi tape to decorate your stuff…

  • Colorize your window blinds.
  • Transform a computer keyboard.
  • Cover your favorite notebook.
  • Line the inside and outside of a lampshade.
  • Decorate the furniture
  • Decorate a planter.
  • Decorate your cups.
  • Making the adorable gift wraps.
  • Washi taping a bike.
  • Decorate a ceiling fan

Colorize your Window Binders

You can use washi tape to give beautiful colors and designs to your transparent window binders to give an adorable look to your room. You can apply a complete image on the window binder with customized tape from Vograce Washi Tape

Transform a Computer Keyboard

With customized washi tape you can give an artistic look to your computer keyboard to work with giving you a pleasant and vibrant feel while working on the computer.

Cover your Favorite Notebook

Many people, mostly girls have the habit of writing their daily or weekly happenings in a diary or notebook. This notebook is very valuable and prestigious to them. They can use different colorful designs to change the look of their notebook. 

Line the Inside and Outside of a Lampshade

Lamps are one of the important decorative materials in the room space. With washi tape, you can line the inside and outside of your lampshade to give a creative look to your lamps. And can leave several lines to create a magic view with the lampshade.

Decorate the Furniture

With washi tapes, you can give a charming look to your furniture according to your choice by ordering customizable tapes of your size and designs from Vograce Washi Tapes. You can match the interiors of your house with the same material and designs.

Decorate a Planter

Various plants can be kept inside a room and they are adaptable to any condition. For example, cactus plants can survive at any temperature and condition. You can decorate your planter according to the interior of your room and give a beautiful view of the room space or home.

Decorate your Cups

You can decorate your cups with washi tape. For example, many people use creative styles to keep their stationary. You can design your cup with washi tape and put your stationery items in the cup.

Decorate a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is one of the mandatory commodities throughout the world. With washi tape, you can give beautiful look to a ceiling fan that will look like a decoration piece and will add up the appearance with bright full colors.

Washi Tape a Bike

A bike is something personal and close to the person using it. You can decorate your bike by applying colorful and clear washi tapes to give an amazing look to your bike. You can decorate the wheels of the bike with beautiful designs.

Making the Adorable Gift Wraps

Washi tapes can help you create the best gift wrap as it has different adorable colors that can add charms to your gifts and amuse the gift receiver.

Use of Washi tapes in Advertising

Brands and companies working through delivery are using washi tape with their brand names on the plain boxes. This gives the parcel a simple and classic look. Moreover, this tape is easy to tear off and helps the buyer open the parcel with ease.

To Conclude,

 Climate change has taken the shape of a threat than a warning to our world so we must use eco-friendly and biodegradable products that can help to maintain the environment. Washi tapes are made with plants and other degradable products other than plastic tapes which are non-degradable. However, washi tapes can be customized in any shape, size, or design which can help to design your living space and personal products. It can also be used for advertising purposes to promote the brand. Hence, washi tapes can be used in multiple ways. Go grab the set of washi tapes today! 

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