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Nail Care Guide – How To Have Natural Long Nails

It might sound dramatic, but having short nails or seeing them broken while wishing they were long and beautiful is truly heartbreaking. Okay, today we have the extensions available to guarantee this dream, but for many of us, the desire is really to have long nails naturally.

The process of achieving natural long nails can be a bit time-consuming and daunting at times, but just as we come up with ways to strengthen our hair so it grows healthier, we can do the same for our nails.
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Of course, in some cases it is necessary to follow up with a doctor to understand why your nails do not grow, but we can always follow the tips below to strengthen and help natural long nails become a reality in our hands.

Treatment serum

One of the reasons you can’t reach your long nails could be because they’re weak, so the first step is to invest in a strengthener. One of the main ingredients you should look for in these products is keratin, the famous one we talk about so much about hair care. These cosmetics will help in the health of your nails, preventing breakage and bringing strength.

Cuticle oil

To have long nails, they need to be healthy. For them to be healthy, they need to be hydrated, so you already know: we must pay attention to hydration. Cuticle oils are great for hydrating both the cuticle and the root of your nails, so do this step daily. You can buy the products intended for this or invest in jojoba oil, which will do the job just as well, if not better.

Always clean and dry

Try to keep your nails always clean and dry, constant contact with water can increase the risk of infections, which will directly affect their growth. So make sure your nails are always dry before wearing gloves or continuing with the day’s activities.
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Attention when sanding

First choose the best nail scissors to curve the nails. Then the step of sanding comes. The way you sand them can ensure they break harder and they are stronger. Professionals recommend that you use padded files, as they are softer and more malleable, so they won’t damage your nails and adapt better to the movement. File your nails, so head over there to jot down the tips.

Nail polish remover

The classic acetone is super aggressive to nails, especially those that are more fragile, it can dry, peel and flake off those we want to take care of so much. So, when choosing how to remove nail polish, prefer the most delicate products, which do not contain this ingredient in their composition.

Diet is important

A diet rich in variety is beneficial not only for your overall health, but also for your nails. Invest in plenty of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds. Foods rich in biotin are a great outlet for nails that are prone to breakage as they will strengthen them.

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