Presentation of the 2022 World Cup teams – Morocco national team

The Qatari World Cup is getting closer and closer.
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Football fans from all over the world are looking forward to the start of the biggest football tournament, which takes place only once every 4 years. In addition to the European teams, teams from other continents traditionally also take part in the World Cup. Many fans are interested in the game of African teams. You never know how strong teams from Europe will play against teams from Africa who preach a completely different football. By the way, this is a great opportunity to earn extra money on bets in the bookmaker

One of the teams that can surprise at the 2022 World Cup is the Moroccan national team, which has been playing pretty good football in recent years. Consider the prospects for the Moroccans at the World Cup in Qatar.

Brief information

Before we look at Morocco’s chances at the upcoming World Cup, here are some interesting facts about this team:

  • The Moroccan national team was created in 1956 after the country officially declared its independence and separated from France.
  • Morocco is ranked 24th in the FIFA rankings.
  • The team reached the final stage of the World Cup for the sixth time in history.
  • The Moroccans will face Belgium, Croatia and Canada in the group stage.
    Morocco’s path to the World Cup in Qatar

The Moroccans did a great job in the qualifying round for this year’s World Cup. They scored 25 goals and conceded only three. These successes should make Moroccan opponents at least wary, as this is a rather difficult opponent who plays well on defense.

From the African continent, 5 teams made it to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Moroccans will be one of them. They went through two rounds in the qualifying round. In the first round, the Moroccans competed with the teams of Guinea, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau. The Atlas Lions went on to win the group with no problems, they won six victories in which they scored 20 goals and conceded only one. Thus, the team from Morocco became the only team with the maximum number of victories in this qualifying stage for the World Cup. Their next opponent on the way to the World Cup was the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On aggregate, the Moroccans won – in the first game they drew 1:1, and in the rematch they won 4:1.

Group F rivals of Morocco

At the upcoming World Cup, Morocco will perform in a rather difficult group. The Moroccans will compete against Belgium, Croatia and Canada. The presence of two European teams means that at least the Moroccan national team will be difficult, but in fact, the chances of the Atlas Lions to reach the playoffs are illusory. Croats will defend the vice-championship title won in Russia in 2018, while the Belgians won bronze medals. They are currently ranked 2nd in the FIFA rankings. It is these two teams that have the best chances to take the first two places in the Group F table.

Odds at bookmakers

Bookmakers estimate the probability of the Moroccan national team to win Group F with odds of 12.00. You can bet that the Moroccans will reach the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup with a coefficient of 3.40.

However, bookmakers still do not write off Morocco and believe that the team will at least be able to bypass the Canadian team and take 3rd place. This event is valued at 1.65.


The Moroccan national team starts the World Cup with two games against the Europeans. First, the Moroccans will meet with Croatia, and then with Belgium. So it’s highly likely that in the last game against Canada, the Atlas Lions will come up with 0 points. However, we would not write off this team and we believe that Morocco will be able to get a draw in the match against teams from Europe. We also assume that the Moroccans will score more than 2.5 goals in the group.

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