Reducing the cost of teeth whitening with a Philips WhiteSpeed ​​lamp

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. More and more dental offices and clinics are looking to expand their list of services to include this particular service. It seems logical that if teeth whitening is so popular, then there will be no end to clients – it is quite possible that the appointment will be several months in advance. However, this effect can only be achieved using advanced whitening systems, for example, such as high-quality Philips Zoom products (especially the new line zoom whitespeed).

Whitening lamp Philips Zoom presents a compact system that allows patients to return a snow-white smile in a couple of short sessions. With many advantages and European quality, these devices are the best choice for any dental clinic. But when buying this device, it is important to take into account some unpleasant features. One of them is the rather expensive maintenance and cost of the procedure involving the system as a whole. Will help solve this problem by hacking Philips Zoom Lamp with bleach-infiniter chip.

How using the Philips WhiteSpeed ​​whitening system can affect the cost of the procedure for the clinic

Teeth whitening with Philips WhiteSpeed ​​is a fairly simple procedure. With it, the dentist irradiates a pre-applied gel (it is recommended, but not necessary to use it from the same manufacturer for the best effect) using a lamp. This can be repeated several times until it hardens completely and the final result is achieved.

With enhanced functionality and performance zoom discus and WhiteSpeed, the procedure is quick, as a result of which several people can be treated for whitening in a day, and the lamp itself is not too expensive. What, then, is the catch that makes using this particular system in your clinic an expensive pleasure?

The fact is that every 4 turns on the built-in chip of the ruler lamps zoom 4 and even more outdated zoom 3 needs to be replaced with a new one. Such a strict limit means that even with the most economical use, it will not be possible to serve more than 1-2 clients before replacement. At the same time, a new chip costs several thousand, which significantly increases the cost of each whitening procedure. This will most likely have to be compensated for by the price list, and this will inevitably lead to the loss of potential customers.

This procedure can be made cheaper for the clinic only if you crack the limit of the bleaching lamp. The most effective tool for this is the reusable bleach-infiniter chip.

How to reduce the cost of teeth whitening with a Philips WhiteSpeed ​​lamp and consumables using the unlimited bleach-infiniter chip

bleach-infiniter chip, unlike the original ones from Philips WhiteSpeed, it does not require replacement every couple of starts. It is unlimited, which is why its use relieves the limitations of the whitening lamp and thereby reduces the cost of procedures involving her. Of course, bleach-infiniter itself is not free – you need to buy it. However, it is much cheaper.

Infinite Whitening ChipIt also has other advantages besides reducing the cost of clinic services:

  • unlimited and permanent use of a bleach lamp;
  • the lamp is easier to work with and care for;
  • there is no risk of breakdowns when replacing the original chip with bleach-infiniter;
  • easy installation.

Decide to upgrade to this high-end chip now and make teeth whitening in your clinic more affordable than ever.

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