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Review Your Work with Advertising and Start Anew

Facebook advertising is a great way to generate demand for your Facebook presence. Ads are currently the most inexpensive option you have in Internet advertising on a CPM basis. If you can temper your expectations and make your advertisement fit the social context, you can be very successful. Just make sure you track what happens so you have the knowledge and insight you need to make it work the most for you

If you haven’t done some of these things, review that part of this chapter, and progress from there. With each iteration, you should get smarter, and you should learn new things about your advertising approach. Over time, you should be generating outcomes more cheaply and efficiently. As long as this happens, you should continue to iterate.
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But after a month or so of building and optimizing an advertising campaign, you may notice that the campaign isn’t doing as well as it used to do.
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What happened? Just about all Facebook advertising has a bit of a “shelf life”—an amount of time that the combination of your ad copy and the demographics that you target will provide great results.

But as people begin to see your ad repeatedly—and some people see it even after having acted upon it—your numbers will naturally drop a bit. That’s OK; it’s the surest sign that you’ve captured the available opportunity!

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The possibilities are truly endless. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to track how your ad performs over time, because at a certain point you’ve maximized the benefits from that specific campaign and it’s time to make a decision—make changes, continue, or move on to something else

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