Set aside one day per week as a cheat day.

On the following page is a good diet to start with.
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Or you can try following one of our diets from Chapter 3. Keep in mind that you may not be able to jump right in.
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As we’ve said, you can’t make a giant calorie cut, or your body will think its starving and hold onto body fat. If your current diet contains more than 3,000 calories, which it probably does, you’ll need to first break it up into six meals and then gradually pare down your calories till you’re below 3,000. The Higher-Calorie Beginning Diet on page 44 is a good starting point.
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Make the calorie cut suggested, then move to the diet at right.

You now have a starting point. Where to from here? You can follow Jonathan’s lead and begin to gradually ramp up your activity. Start with two 20-minute cardio sessions a week and build on that (see his X-tree Lean Cardio Surge schedule in Chapter 3). Or you may want to follow Steve’s lead and begin cutting calories, primarily from carb sources. What do we recommend? A little of both. Here’s how we suggest you make this diet work as quickly as possible

At meal 2 substitute two scoops of protein powder (low in carbs) for the meal-replacement packet. For example, if you use Muscle Meals meal replacement and move to two scoops of Pro-Fusion protein powder instead, you reduce your calories by more than 100 and cut your carb intake. Also introduce low-intensity 20-minute cardio sessions (walking or light jogging) two times a week

The above is how Becky Holman made her start l i n g t r a n s f o ration. Her primary calorie cuts were via pro t e i n powder to substitute for her meal-replacement feedings. She also gradually ramped up her cardio activity, running or walking two miles every few days.

Lastly comment

You saw her before and after photos on the cover and in the introduction, which are very impressive. Whether you’re a man or woman, you can learn from how she approached her X-tree Lean program, so let’s let her tell it in her own words

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