What Compensation Can You Claim For Being Hit by an Uber Driver?

Uber is one of the most widely used ridesharing services. Along with the extent of its use, the cases of accidents have also increased with time. At times, no matter the safety precautions you take, road accidents are inevitable. 

If an Uber driver has hit you, it is good to be aware of the compensation you can claim. It is advisable to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney to guide you through the legal procedures.  

Here is a list of the damages you can claim for being injured by an Uber driver.

  • Medical expenses 

Generally, medical expenses for physical injuries cover a significant part of the compensation you can claim in an accident. Based on the severity of the injuries, all medical expenses incurred from treatment and medical prescription costs to doctor visits, surgery costs, ambulance costs, etc., can be claimed. Thus, it is suggested to maintain a record of the medical reports and expenses as evidence, thereby increasing your chances of getting a deserving claim. 

  • Economic losses 

If your injuries have caused you to lose wages or use up your employee benefits to avoid loss of wages, it is considered part of the damages you have sustained as a result of the accident. Thus, documenting it is essential to claim compensation for such losses. Additionally, if the accident has led to reduced earning capacity due to the injuries or the prognosis of the condition, it can be claimed by the Uber driver. 

  • Property damage 

One can also claim for the damages to their vehicle and any property present in the vehicle from the at-fault Uber driver. It is generally considered a part of the economic losses. These expenses could be in the form of repair work or replacement of the vehicle or property damaged. Such claims require the victim to submit bills and reports as a part of the documents.  

  • Emotional distress 

Any accident can leave the people involved with a huge aftermath. This is not limited to the physical injuries and economic losses alone with their impact. It can hamper a person’s ability to drive free of concern whenever they go on the roads. This could manifest in mental stress, trauma, PTSD, etc. While these cannot be measured and given an exact amount as a part of the compensation claimed, it does play a role in the claim. At times, emotional distress could also describe the victim’s loss of consortium or loss of a loved one that cannot be recovered. In such cases, it becomes of utmost importance to file a claim for these under the pain and suffering category.

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