What is Adobe Creative Cloud And Its Products?

Adobe Creative Cloud combines different apps for video, Ux, photography, web, design, editing, and social media. 

Adobe Creative Cloud compiles various services from Adobe Inc. Through this, the subscriber gets access to many applications that can be used for video editing, graphic design, photography, web development. Besides this, much other mobile software and optional creative cloud services exist. 

You can either subscribe to annual or monthly services in the creative cloud. These services are delivered over the Internet only. You can download the applications Creative Cloud with the net connection; install them on any computer or desktop. The software will run till the subscription is valid. There are regular updates, and different languages are also available in the subscription. 

Amazon Web Services hosted the Creative Cloud initially. Currently, Microsoft owned the software as per the new agreement in 2017. The latest version is available on Microsoft Azure. 

What are its applications and services?     

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is being widely used by Photographers and also in photo studios. It is an excellent tool for designing or editing posters, pictures, or any content. It can also incorporate art elements that can be placed in between the scenes. You can use it to compose, create beautiful images, or edit them. It works pretty smoothly on desktop as well as iPad. 

2. Adobe Illustrator

It works well for tablets. You can create beautiful illustrations and vector art on iPad and desktop using Illustrator. 

  • Adobe InDesign

Using Indesign, you can create amazing layouts and publish them for digital or print. 

  • Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an editing software for all kinds of videos, whether YouTube videos or feature films. The Hollywood industry has increasingly used this program in recent years.  Its use has increased and is in trend. It is an emerging standard editing application though competitors like Avid Media Composer are present in the marketplace.

The Creative Cloud has similar features to that of Adobe Creative Suite; however, additional features have also been introduced. Faster updates will be available; saving the files to the cloud will be easier. Sharing has also been made easier through the program. In 2014, new mobile applications and creative hardware to serve different customers, like educational or industrial-based. A new version of the desktop tool was also announced. 

Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Encore were not in Adobe since 2013, though they could still be downloaded from Creative Cloud until 2019. They fall in the category of bitmap editor and video authoring manager. 

What are the Packages Available? 

There are four tiers of subscription service that an individual can avail of. The creative cloud offers subscriptions for businesses and schools as well. 

  • Photography: Through this one, you can access Lightroom Creative Cloud and Photoshop Creative Cloud. Besides, other features of Creative cloud related to photography are also accessible. 
  • Single App: Through this, you have accessibility to the single application of your choice. The choice can be made from 11 applications provided in the list. You also have access to the exclusive features of Creative Cloud. 
  • All Apps: Under this package which forms the leading tier, all the features of Creative Cloud can be accessed by the user. In addition to this, all the applications within the suite are also accessible. 
  • Adobe Stock plus All Apps: This contains a combination of all Adobe Stock’s features and those of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Which All Applications are no more in use? 

  1. Dimension: It was a design tool with 3D editing features earlier known as Project Felix. Now, this program is substituted with Substance 3D Stager. The 3D stager is not part of the All Apps Plan and thus has to be paid for separately. 
  2. Flash Builder: It was earlier known as Flex Builder. It was used initially as a source of creating efficient Internet applications and desktop applications. Flash Builder was developed on the Platform called Eclipse.
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  3. Flash Professional:  Flash Professional is currently called Adobe Animate. It is Flash’s authoring application.
  4. Fuse: It was known as Fuse Character Creator earlier. Mixamo developed it. It is an animation application that has features of working with 3D characters. Adobe Systems acquired it in 2015 though its use has been discontinued now. Its use was halted during beta testing.
  5. Ideas Creative Cloud: It is also no longer in use. It is a mobile application—a sketchpad you can design anywhere. You can use layers, vectors, and different color themes for creating.
  6. Kuler Creative Cloud: It was an application based on color themes. It was later named Adobe Color Creative Cloud. It was a mobile application. It was marketed and developed by Adobe. 

What do Critics say about it?

Adobe has recently worked on its update speed. It updates its features quite frequently now since it has emerged as software.
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It also abstains from being a release cycle and focuses on updates now. 

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Regular monthly subscription payment has to be done by the customer. Accessibility to save work in the files to the software is lost if the price is not made or the subscription is canceled.

This decision got mixed reviews from independent designers as well as corporations. Though many investors appreciated the company’s move, many consumers still didn’t react positively. People took to the web to express their displeasure, and some even expressed their disappointment through Internet petitions. For example, a petition by crossed 30,000 signatures within a short period. 

Adobe Creative Cloud has also been found to fault with syncing its broken file, which was its main feature.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Beneficial?

It is being said that a long-term subscription to any program is an expensive affair than buying a permanent software license. Though Adobe Creative Cloud has created its value with its unique features, it has regular updates and services. The all apps plan works wonders for content creators and professionals. Many users take advantage of a combination of these plans.


Adobe Creative Cloud is known for its features, affordable services, and frequent upgrade. Most users have given positive reviews about it. It has been serving customers well over the years. Its use has become an indispensable part of many big industries using digital technology. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe as per their choice. There is no compulsion in any case.

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