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Investment in gold and other precious metals is made possible by banks and other specialized financial institutions.  Investors always strive to choose the best firm that is capable of providing them with quality services to ensure success.

One has to do their research and assess the companies available. Thankfully, there are reviews written on such firms after careful observations. These can help one to gain more insight and make an informed judgment.

This review talks about Lear Capital which is a company that provides investment services to consumers. You can also find out more by reading the many Lear Capital reviews available online.

What services do they provide exactly?

Being a precious metals investment company, they provide a wide range of services that deals with commodities such as silver, palladium, platinum, and gold. They can help you setup a precious metals IRA if you don’t have one already.

You will then be able to rollover funds from your existing IRA with ease. When you decide to open the account with them you will be assigned a professional to help you through the whole process including purchasing your first bullion.

Since the assets are subject to real-time changes there are time slots set for various steps. For instance, you have to confirm your order within ten minutes of selecting the asset to purchase. If you don’t checkout within the allocated time the cost might change because of the real-time fluctuations in price.

What is the cost of doing business with them?

Other than the price of purchasing the precious metals there are various charges that will add onto the overall cost. This includes insurance and storage fees. You can also opt to pay for round the clock online access.

The actual fees are different depending on the packages that you buy and can also change over time. To get the latest charges you should visit their official website or contact their agents.
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It is good practice to consider the overall cost that you will incur before proceeding to make the investment. Read more here

How is their customer care service like?

Making sure that the customer has a good experience is key for all types of businesses. Lear capital boasts of a robust customer support team that is made up of professionals capable of providing the much-needed assistance to customers.

Tasks such as setting up a precious metals IRA account and purchasing the commodities is made much easier for customers when there is someone to guide them along the process.

The fact that the team has adequate members means that you won’t have to wait in line to get the help that you require. The professional assigned to you is readily available to assist you.

Do they help you store the bullion?

As mentioned earlier, there is a storage fee included if you decide to let the company store the gold for you. Your assets will be stored safely in a dedicated facility (Delaware depository) meant for this purpose. If they get stolen or spoilt then the insurance will be used to reimburse you.

There is also a second option of choosing a private storage facility that you prefer. This means that the company will hand over custody of the gold to you once the purchase is done. Deciding to store the bullion at your home can be cheaper but it will also be riskier.

Do they allow tracking?

It is important to keep an eye on your investment so that you can know if your plan is working out or not. If it is not performing well then you can make the necessary adjustments. Once your precious metals account is up and running you will be able to view it online. Paying for round the clock online access will allow you to track it at any time of the day or night.
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What are the cons?

One of the main disadvantages that customers complain about is that you must be contacted by them first before you can open the account. Although this is meant to ensure that the customer gets the necessary assistance and does things the right way it can be inconvenient for some people. Another con is that the focus is mainly on gold and silver hence making it tricky to invest in other precious metals. Click here to learn more.


Lear capital is a key player as far as investing in precious metals goes, gold and silver being the main ones. It provides customers with the services required to successfully make the investment and much more. One is able to track their investment in real-time using an online account and identify areas to adjust on if at all there are any. They also provide storage services to ensure that your assets are kept safe. Their customer support team is composed of well-trained experts who are always available to give assistance right from the start.

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