Should I Collect Email Evidence After A Workplace Harassment? 

Harassment at the workplace has always been a serious issue. No employee dreams about facing harassment at their workplace. Since this is a serious issue, many employees try to opt for self-help methods, meaning they try to collect evidence against their employer, which will help them take legal action.

Many employees try to record conversations, forwarding emails and other documents from their professional accounts to their personal ones. The employees are tempted to do this because they believe they can show this evidence to an  employment law attorney ct and prove the harassment they faced. 

The reality is that you should be on your best behavior when it comes to professional life. An employee forwarding emails from their professional account to their personal one can bring you in trouble and give a reason to the employer to fire or terminate the employee. Therefore, on a professional level, you should stick to your code of conduct and avoid slipping up to avoid termination.
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Your employer will be able to track your sent emails. 

Whether you are working in a financial institution, IT sector, healthcare, or bank, your emails are always tracked, even if you think no one will know. One of the common myths that people believe is that once they send emails to their personal account and delete it from the sent records, no one will find out. However, this is not true.

The moment you send the emails from your professional account, your employer will get to know you since all your emails may be tracked. Additionally, if your employer has a strict policy to avoid sending emails to your personal account, the employer will use this behavior against you. Your company is aware that you are trying to take action against them, which is why you are sending evidence through emails.
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Therefore, the employer will have a record even if you delete it from your side.

Furthermore, by doing so, you are giving a reason to your employer to fire you from the job. 

Talk to an employment attorney. 

If you believe you are a victim of harassment at your workplace, rather than trying to rely on self-help methods, speak to an experience employment attorney. An attorney can help you with all the do’s and don’ts to follow so that your employer does not have a reason to remove you from the job or do anything to prove you are lying.

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