Silk sleeping masks: Things to consider when buying one

Sovemaske or sleep masks are the closest things to a completely dark room. Just like all thins, all sleep masks are not created equal. From the fabric to accessories, there are certain things to look out for when in the market for one.

Things to consider when buying sleep masks

1). Ability to make you sleep

Your sleep mask should cause a sufficient blackout that will allow you to go to sleep. It is very useful during the daytime.
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You should pick one that covers the face or comes with moulds to shield the eyes from the light.

2). Perfect fit

Sleep masks should help you sleep comfortably. You should pick something that comfortably grips the ears and settle on the nose. Masks should have special sewn fabrics to fit faces of various sizes and shapes. The ability of the mask to fit the face will determine whether you get to sleep or not.

3). Fabric

Sleep masks come in all types of materials. You should carefully consider this part of the item. Make sure that you choose a material that will not cause creases in the eye area or irritate the skin as you take a nap. With this, there are various materials that you can choose from:

Silk: This is the best fabric used to make sleeping masks. Silk is lightweight, mild on your skin, and can completely block out light. Silk moves smoothly around the eye area without any discomfort.

Cotton: They are commonly used to make sleep masks. They are soft, light, and can block out light. Cotton helps to absorb moisture from the face as you sleep. This prevents bacteria growth in the skin.

Polyester: Sleep masks made with polyester are affordable, lightweight, and durable. The material is light enough to enable you to sleep without any pressure on your face.

Satin: This is a combination of silk and cotton. It is a lightweight fabric that combines the best properties of both materials. Satin is a lightweight, breathable, but less demanding material.

4). Affordability

While sleep masks can be affordable, you want to buy one that helps you go to sleep and will not irritate the skin. There are some costly sleep masks but you should check all details to determine the right product for your nap.

5). Style

It is never out of place to sleep in style. Just because they are meant for sleep doesn’t mean that they should be boring. You can get fashionable and fun sleeping masks that come with their style to help spice things up.
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A majority of people choose to have their sleeping masks match their night outfits and sleepwear.
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With the various designs of nightwear in the market, you can easily choose a sleeping mask that matches yours. Oh, and some night wears also come with their sleep masks.

6). Technology

Sleep masks in the market of today come with various devices that help us sleep faster m- sensors, light therapy, ambient sounds, and the gyro meter. All of these devices are used to receive information about your sleep rhythms and patterns. If you use them along with their applications, they can show you how best to sleep.

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