Suggested tips for predicting Over/Under on Sunwin Web for new players

The Tai Xiu game is very good, so bettors who want to join Sunwin Web to play this game should immediately learn how to open an account and apply Tai Xiu tips from today. Below this article we will share detailed information so you can participate right away!

How to enter Sunwin to play Sic Bo, detailed step by step

Play Sic Bo at Sunwin by opening an account and depositing money immediately

If any bettor wants to go to Sunwin Web to play Sic Bo, it only takes a few minutes to join. Specifically, how to enter the house to play Tai Xiu will be as follows, please remember to read carefully:

Step 1: Go to the house => Register => Fill in information => Send to Sunwin for approval

Opening an account is not difficult, but you must fill in your ID, password and required information. The house has regulations on the number of characters when opening an account, so please pay attention to choosing the appropriate ID and password.

Step 2: House homepage => Login => Deposit money

Go to the deposit section and choose a deposit method. Once selected, remember to verify the information and save the receipt/transaction image. If there is a problem, staff can assist you with accurate information. You can view the deposit history on the house page and your account will have money after a few minutes when Sunwin approves the order.

Step 3: Sunwin Web home page => Choose Sic Bo Casino game => Choose table => Deposit money to bet

If you have money, you will actively choose games and tables to participate in. The betting level is quite flexible, so you can bet depending on your capital.

Extremely easy tips for playing Sic Bo for bettors

With the hope that bettors can play the game more happily and have a chance to win, Sunwin Web will share with you the secret to winning big. Please read carefully to pocket and apply, increasing your chances of winning.

Rush strategy

It can be said that the folding strategy is extremely effective, so experts still often use this strategy. This is a good strategy, easy to play, bringing a very high win rate to users. Initially, you need to bet amount A, then if you lose, bet amount 2A. Just like that, you play until you win and then return to the original mark.

Stay calm when betting

Maintaining a calm mind and confident attitude is the key to half of your success. If you are insecure or too excited, you can easily be influenced by your emotions and lose accuracy when calculating. Whether you win or lose, remember to keep a cool head and bet calmly so as not to reveal your emotions and not be influenced by the majority.

Use capital appropriately

Using capital properly is the secret that any bettor should apply. When playing Tai Xiu, you must divide your capital and not use it all because if you lose, you will have no chance to get back your original capital. Pay attention to making a clear financial plan and should only bet at most 70% of the amount. When applying strategies, you also need to consider this issue to choose the appropriate bet level.

Looking for help

The bet allows players to choose 1 of 2 betting options: Over or Under, and you only need to bet on one side a few times. But be careful not to bet a lot of money at the same time to ensure you can maintain your bet for a long time to wait for the results.

Prediction 1-1

The 1 – 1 bet may be quite strange to new bettors, but this is a good bet that bettors should participate in. If you see alternating Over and Under results, you can use 1 – 1 prediction to play because there is a high chance of winning in the 3rd or 4th game.

Questions and answers for Sic Bo game Sunwin web

How to deposit and withdraw money when betting Over/Under at Sunwin Web?

Bettors can deposit and withdraw money during the day, deposit time is only 2 to 5 minutes, withdrawal time is about 15 minutes, deposit and withdrawal apply with scratch cards/banks/e-wallets.

I want to play Sic Bo but I forgot my password, what should I do?

Please contact the dealer to receive a new password and participate.

I deposited money but it didn’t work?

If you do not see the money updated in your account, please check the information and contact staff. If there is an error, the money will be refunded within 3 to 5 days.

Is playing Sic Bo safe?

If you choose a good house like Sunwin, you can play the game extremely safely.

Should I use Tai Xiu hacking software when playing games?

You should apply prediction strategies to have a chance of winning, support tools are just tools to help make statistics of results easier.


Tai Xiu is the hottest online game currently at many bookmakers. If you also want to participate in this game, go to Sunwin┬áto open an account as instructed in today’s article. I hope you have fun playing, winning bets and successfully withdrawing money when experiencing on Sunwin.

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