T-Mobile signal booster review and start guide

T-Mobile Signal Booster is a device that takes signal available in one part of your house and boasts it to reach throughout your premises.

It is a T-Mobile-owned device and you can take it for a specific period.
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If you fail to return this device to the company within the decided timeline, you will be charged $289 with additional taxes. This also applies in case you return the device in a damaged condition.

In this guide today, I will take you through the process set up and starting your T-Mobile signal booster.

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Set up T-Mobile Signal Booster: Contents of the package

What is included in the package?

  • A Window Unit – For receiving T-Mobile signal

Note: Be sure you place this Windows Unit in a well-ventilated area that has the proper 4G signal.

  • Separate Coverage Unit – This unit is used to rebroadcast signal throughout the home which in turns boosts the signal strength and reliability. Read More About: filmywep

Note: As with the Window unit, make sure to place this in a well-ventilated area.

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Set up T-Mobile Signal Booster: The requirements

  • T-Mobile postpaid account
  • Mobile device that is compatible with T-Mobile network bands.
  • At least 1 bar of the T-Mobile signal (Not 2G)Read More About:  bolly4u

Since you now know the contents of the package and the basic requirements to set up the T-Mobile signal booster, let me now take you through the next steps.

Read on.

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1. Find the location with most bars

The first step in setting up the signal booster is to find a place in your home or office that has the highest signal strength.

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Your best bet is the highest floor in your respective building or a place near the window. Keep an eye on the top bar of your mobile and make sure it displays 3G, 4G, or 5G. The network bar should be similar to what you see when you run Windows apps on Chromebook.

2. Place the window unit and optimize it

The next step is to place the Window Unit in the location that you picked up.

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When placing the unit, make sure at least one signal bar is displayed on the signal strength indicator on the front. Fix the common ghosting on monitor issue if it occurs.

You can move the Window unit around to get the best signal strength. Four to five bars indicate the best signal.

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3. Place the coverage unit

Now the next step is to place the coverage unit in the area of your building where you need to improve the coverage. After you have plugged in the unit, the numeric display will stop cycling after 10-15 minutes. More Information Visit this site: f95zone

You need to place the coverage unit at an apt. distance from the window unit. If the unit isn’t at an appropriate distance, red icons will illuminate indicating that you need to move the Coverage Unit further or closer to the Window Unit.
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4. Optimize your coverage unit

Look for the highest number displayed on your coverage unit. This number indicates the size of the coverage area. If you are in a big space a display number of 8 or 9 would be good enough. A small place, however, can result in a display number of 4 or 5. To achieve the desired result, try placing the coverage unit as far as possible from the window unit. For more information visit this site: F95zone

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