The 2012 Indian Premier League spot-fixing case

cricket is not a sport that is immune to scandals and controversies. However, this shouldn’t prevent people from seeing that it is an amazing sport nonetheless.
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This scandal was uncovered in 2012. Back then, a TV channel conducted an operation that tried to discover something that was already highly suspected. Many people thought that there were players who were receiving money in exchange for performing certain actions during matches.
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Eventually, after its discovery, there were some severe punishments that were handed out.

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Uncovering the truth

The BCCI is quite strict when it comes to how much money can be paid to a player. Several conditions determine what is the maximum sum of money that any player may receive. The best players of the IPL can be wagered on at any moment by going to the website.

The aforementioned payment limitations are crucial for understanding what happened next. According to what was uncovered, there were many players that were accepting money outside of the agreements overseen by the BCCI. In other words, it is claimed that they willingly received more money than they should, in exchange for becoming part of a specific team. The best squads and players from the exciting Indian Premier League are available for wagering at the 1xBet platform.

Severe punishments

When all this information was made public, it was a national scandal. Those in charge of the BCCI and the IPL decided to take immediate action to avoid any damage to the franchise.
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Some of the players who were caught and were eventually punished were:

  • Abhinav Bali;
  • Amit Yadav;
  • Mohnish Mishra;
  • TP Sudhindra;
  • and Shalabh Srivastava.

The sanctions received by those players were quite diverse. For example, TP Sudhindra was the player that received the most severe punishment. He was banned for life from the game. In the case of the other players, their sanctions ranged between one and five years bans. To wager on the great IPL can definitely be done by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

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