The goalkeeper who regularly played as a striker

There are many excellent football players that can play in different positions without issues. Whenever they play, make sure to visit bd in order to wager on them.

However, goalkeepers are part of a completely different group.
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After all, they need totally different abilities than their outfield counterparts. Therefore, they are highly specialized players who completely concentrate on the abilities they need to do their job as expected.

Yet, within Mexican football, it is possible to find the case of a player who could play as a keeper or a striker in the same match. His name is Jorge Campos, and had a brilliant career between 1988 and 2004. He played in teams such as:

  • UNAM;
  • Atlante;
  • and LA Galaxy.

Campos was primarily a goalkeeper. However, he was far from being the standard goalkeeper that everybody expects to see. For example, his height was just 1.68 meters, when on average, keepers are expected to be at the very least 1.80 meters tall.

However, Campos compensated for his short stature with excellent athleticism. In fact, he was able to quickly run to catch loose balls, and also to jump extremely high in order to save balls in the most difficult places.
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He was such a good keeper that he was recognized on many occasions as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The
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A great goalscorer

It is already clear that Campos wasn’t an average keeper. However, there were two other notable things about him. For example, he always wore very colorful shirts that made him stand out in the field. Also, he scored lots of goals in his career. It is possible to make a 1xBet login bd in order to wager whenever the best goalscorers play.

However, Campos wasn’t someone who took penalty or free kicks like other goalscorer keepers like Rogerio Ceni or José Luis Chilavert. Instead, Campos usually started as a keeper, and if his team was losing, he would move up in the field and play as a striker. Obviously, the substitute keeper needed to enter on those occasions.

In total, Campos scored 34 goals in 445 professional games.
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However, another notable thing about Campos is that he played for the Mexican national team on 130 occasions. This also makes him one of the most capped players in the Mexican side.

The Mexican team continues to have an excellent squad, and making a login on 1xBet bd is the best way to wager on all its matches.

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