The talented Vic Pollard

It is not really unusual to see sportspeople who try their luck in more than a discipline. The best online bet site in Bangladesh is 1xBet, and punters can also head on to this site if they want to wager on multiple sports.

However, what is really unusual is to be so good for even being selected for the national teams of two different sports. This was exactly the case with New Zealander Vic Pollard. He was mainly a cricketer, playing this sport professionally between the years 1964 and 1974. The ultimate online betting site in Bangladesh is 1xBet, and the best cricket matches from New Zealand can also be wagered here.

At the same time, Pollard was a footballer between the years 1968 and 1972. So, as it can be seen, his entire footballing career overlapped his cricket one.

A fantastic cricketer

Pollard performed wonderfully when playing cricket. The website 1xBet provides online cricket betting bd, and punters can also use this platform for wagering on the best matches in the world. He made his debut in the Central Districts team. Yet, his performances were so good that later in 1964 he moved to Wellington, which at the time had one of the best cricket teams in the country.

But the great things for Pollard’s cricket career didn’t end here. His fantastic performances continued, and as such, in 1965 he was selected for the first time for the national side. It is worth noting that by this moment, he had played only six first-class matches. The platform 1xBet bd provides online cricket betting on all kinds of matches played in different modes of the sport.

Pollard’s experience with the New Zealand national cricket team was quite good. He played a total of 32 matches, being one of the most important members of his team in the process.

An accomplished footballer

The football career of Vic Pollard was much shorter than his cricket one, as it lasted only four years. However, this short time was enough for him to cause an impact. While waiting for interesting football matches you can go to the secure casino 1xBet and attempt to win from its hundreds of games.

The football teams where Pollard played throughout his career were:

  • Rangers AFC;

  • Christchurch United;

  • and the New Zealand national football team.

Pollard’s international football career lasted between 1968 and 1972. He played seven matches during that period. Some of the teams he faced included Fiji, New Caledonia and others. The casino 1xBet is a secure place for spending some time and winning before other excellent football matches start.

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