The new trending men’s underwear brand on social media – Club Seven Menswear

The appeal of online shopping over the brick and mortar experience has seen significant bloom over the years, especially since the events of 2020. It’s so much easier to scroll through a website, shopify page, or even check out on Instagram than get dressed and head out to browse the shops.
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This has given a chance to lots of small businesses to sprout up in ways they couldn’t have before. Spending less money on shop fronts and more on design, quality and marketing. While it may be tempting to stick with long term established brands for fear of dealing with customer service woes and missing parcels, lots of small business have have leveraged social media to put faces behind brand names, inspiring trust and a sense of reliability when online shopping with them.

Meet Club Seven Menswear, one of the small businesses that seized the opportunity to launch online in the last few years. The vision began with the intent to make men’s underwear that is luxurious, stylish and pocket friendly. They have a mission statement of making every man feel like an underwear model, and it might feel like a tall order but they’re taking it on.

The owner and head designer of club Seven menswear, Mr Alex Gede is an openly gay international model, who was name “Mr Africa International” in 2016. His experiences have shaped his desire to build an inclusive brand that caters to all men and makes them look and feel good but especially gay men, who might view underwear as a means of self expression. You can see his views and experiences in the design choices he has made for Club Seven Menswear.

The first collection launched in June 2021, opening with a variety of socks and underwear types; the run of the tried and trusted trunks, the more traditional briefs but with a modern twist (think bold colours) and jockstraps for the more adventurous. Eschewing safe basic colours, the collection featured red, navy and teal; making a rainbow statement.

Following the success of the first collection, Club seven menswear launched a 2nd collection in February 2022, finally venturing into black and white but it was far from basic. The collection saw the addition of luxurious lounge wear t shirts and crop tops to the collection.

The third collection launches in September 2022 and is expected to replicate the success of the first 2. Amongst brands that launched at the same time on shopify, Club Seven Menswear is ranked in the top 2% of traffic. This organic growth is due in large part to Alex’s strong social media presence with over 300k subscribers across Tiktok and YouTube regularly viewing and interacting with his consistent social media content.

The club seven menswear website also regularly published helpful blogs about men’s underwear, helping men with choosing fabric and fit; like getting advice from a trusted friend. Overall, putting a face to a business is most likely the way to go in the world of online shopping, especially for small businesses.

We’re yet to see what the new collection will contain, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for the launch this September.

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