Things to Do in London in 1 Day

So, you have a chance to visit London, but you can only spare a single day for it and can’t choose which sights to see? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a helpful guide on spending your day in London and experiencing the city as much as possible before it ends.

Find a flight to Heathrow Airport

Landing at this airport will save you time on arrival and let you get quicker to most of the destinations you might have in mind. Also, it’s the closest Airport to Trafalgar Square, which should take less than an hour to get to, which helps out.

Rent a car to save time

Staying for only a single day means using public transport is a horrible idea. You can save yourself so much time if you hire a car in the Europcar Heathrow drop off at the Airport and travel through London on wheels, meaning you will have more time to see more sites.

Have a small list of places you want to visit

London is a vast place and honestly, 1 day is not enough to see everything and do that you would need 3-4 days with a hotel stay. So, you should make a list of places you want to see the most 

in London that won’t take you much time so you can check them out and keep moving. Here are some places to consider since they are close to each other.

  • Buckingham Palace

Now, this is the most iconic place in London with its famous changing of the guard. You don’t require any formal booking to see it or take pictures, and if you visit during the morning around 10 am, you might even see the guard change. If you are visiting during summer, you could see the inside of the place since they open 10 rooms for tourists during that season.

  • St. James Park

Next on the list is the Park right behind the Palace, namely St. James Park. Suppose you are looking for a more relaxing experience, having been in the tourist mass near the Palace. In that case, you can sit on the benches or take a stroll through the Park and enjoy the fresh air and the sight of endless greenery wherever you look.
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  • Imperial War Museum

Located close to the Park, you can spot the War museum. A place that hosts Churchills War Rooms, so if you are interested in History, you can see how authentic world war 2 war rooms looked like. And that’s not taking into account all of the other pieces hosted there dedicated to different time periods of Great Britain/The British Empire and everything in between.

  • Trafalgar Square

Going North from the Imperial War Museum, the so-called “Heart of London” is located, but it’s not the only thing there. In its vicinity, the old Tardis-style Police station is located, which is dubbed as Britain’s smallest police station. And if you fancy art, the square is flanked by the National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery, full of different paintings and beautiful pictures.
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  • Bars of Soho

After spending a long day in London, you might want to end it with a relaxing evening with a drink in hand. That’s where Soho comes in. It is an area full of different bars and clubs in london, home to a massive list of drinks that you can try. But don’t overindulge! Since you are staying here only for a day.

The End of the Trip

This is only a small list of places you can visit in London, but it’s more than enough to make your day exciting. Hope you have an amazing 1-day trip to London and wish you safe travels on your way there!

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