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Tips to Make Your Home a Beautiful, Calming Sanctuary

Your home is your refuge. It is a place you turn to when you need to feel safe and nourished.
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You certainly do not want a home that makes you feel anxious. It should spark calmness and peace within you. It takes effort and intention to make your haven a beautiful and calming space. Turn your home into a calming sanctuary using the following tips. 

Connect With Nature 

Remodel your home and let nature bring tranquility into your home. Bridging the indoor and outdoor spaces connects you with nature. Ditch the traditional walls and window patterns and go for corner windows or floor-to-ceiling windows to let in more natural light.
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You can also replace the wall separating the living room and patio with a glass wall, sliding glass doors, a bi-folding glass door, or merging the living area and the patio. These home remodeling projects will require you to demolish walls including load-bearing walls.
Engage a home remodel contractor to take on the project. A home remodeling contractor will bring the necessary expertise and experience into the project.   

Make Your Baths More Sensual

Work with a remodeling contractor and turn your bathroom into a stress-free paradise. Try as much as possible to reposition your bathtub by the window to let you connect with nature as you take your bath. Add a plant or two in your bathroom. Plants add a dash of earthy feel as you soak in your tub. Scent your bathroom with natural scents. They give a great scent to the bathroom and evoke calmness as you take a bath. Use scented candles, rose petals, citrus peels, or spices. Bring everything together by adding neutral colors and finishings to your bathroom. Go for finishings that mirror nature and radiate calmness.  

Toss Out Any Unused Item

It is impossible to destress in a chaotic space. Create a sanctuary by keeping everything in its place. Clear any item that has no use or doesn’t fit into your current home design. Think of getting organizational tools to maintain an organized space. Go for natural organizing tools such as sisal baskets. You need to embrace nature as much as you can.  

Let the Colors Draw You Into Your Home

Get personal with your sanctuary by choosing colors that make you happy. Think of how a particular room makes you feel and what color can radiate that feeling. Use relaxing and gentle tones in your meditation spaces or the bedrooms. Go for warmer tones in your living space, kitchen, and lounge area.

Soothe Your Nerves with Natural Scents 

Aromatherapy is a great way to relax. Fill your home with lovely scents to help you destress after a tough day. Scents such as rosemary, lavender, vanilla, jasmine, sage, citrus peels, cinnamon, or basil evoke calmness. You can use a diffuser to diffuse the scents around your home, add natural scents into the water and spray it, or go for scented candles. 

Add Plants and Fresh flowers Around Your Home

Immerse yourself into nature by adding greenery to your home. House plants clean the air, make our homes look visually appealing, and are good for our mental health. Indoor plants improve our productivity by 15%, help us relax, and also renew our energy.  

Stake-Out an Office Space

If you work from home, you need to delineate work life and personal life. Blending pers onal and work life can turn chaotic. Transform a separate room, under the stairs, or the landing into a private office. Use the place solely for work and tuck in all your files or any unfinished work once you log out. 

Convert a room or a corner into a zen space

You need a space to turn to whenever you are stressed or simply want to relax or meditate. The space should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Go for earthy tones, add smells you love, let your feet rest on soft woolen carpets, and blend the earthy tones with soft and natural lighting. Ensure the space is extra-comfy and keep the decor to a minimum. Enhance the room with natural scents. Let the plants breathe calmness into the space.
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If nothing else, make your home your resting place. Your home should be more than functional. It should be your personal sanctuary. Besides, the world is so demanding and fast-paced. You are entitled to feel safe and at ease in your home. 

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