Top 8 Problems You Face While Reloading Firearms

You must’ve faced problems while reloading ammo if you are a professional shooter in the range. You can miss a good score if you get stuck reloading your gun in the heat of the situation. There’s an old saying among the range shooters, “Don’t ever shoot ammo reloaded by anybody but yourself”. Add another one, “Be afraid of your sloppy reloading habits.”  There are a few things you need to keep in mind before entering the shooting arena. Let’s discuss some important things that can ease up your day in the shooting gallery. If you want much more detailed guidance, visit Hornady Load Data 

  • Too Much Powder Usage In Cartridges

One of the major mistakes you should avoid is the overuse of powder in cartridges. Even pro shooters get lethally injured for underestimating this minor issue. You need to make sure that you have charged the entire casing tray with powder before putting the bullets in the cases.
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Check the cartridges and make sure if the power levels are correct or not. You need to be careful and should not avoid this specific guidance if you don’t want to mess things up. And less usage of powders won’t work too. 

  • Proper Bullet Pressing

You have to press your bullet in the right condition, not too deep or not deep enough. If the bullet stays deep, it might be a sign of less powder, and too shallow means too much powder or you haven’t properly placed the bullet. Proper bullet pressing is also a must-do thing.
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  • Unseated Primers

This is a very common problem. Use a flashlight if you need to do a visual inspection and make sure the primer is in the right place. You also need to check the rim and case if the primer is sticking out. The primer should be inside the primer’s pocket. If the primer is not in the right position, then fix it first.

  • Case Reloading Problems

Everybody knows, when you reload the ammunition, you’ll be reusing the old cases of fired ammunition. Microcracks occur often, mostly after reusing the same case over and over again. You need to inspect carefully when you are reusing the casings. Don’t forget about the small cracks appearing on the case. If a bright ring appears around the base of the ring, that could be a case of micro-cracking. Older dents found in the casings should not be used. 

  • Untrimmed Cases 

 One of the lousiest jobs, when you are handling a gun, is trimming cartridge cases. Accuracy decreases if the case neck becomes long and crushes against the end of the chamber. If you want the best performance while practicing, do not forget to trim up your cartridge. 

  • Cartridge Length

Trying to load ammunition as long as you can causes a problem too. Leave yourself some clearance between the tip of the bullet and in front of the magazine. Sometimes the ammo would not fit inside the chamber, that is why you should perform a double-check so you don’t end up in that kind of situation. 

  • Over Crimping

A good crimp secures the bullet against movement. But when it comes to handguns, people sometimes apply too much of a good thing. It causes a bulge in the case mouth below the crimp area, resulting in a cartridge that will most likely fail to chamber. This happens when reloaders seat and crimp the ammo in just one operation. It’s better to seat all the bullets and crimp as a final. It will result from separate action. No need to distort the case neck and squeeze the bullet out of its shape.

  • Inadequate Crimping 

Proper crimping is necessary. If you don’t crimp enough, some cartridges can give you a real headache. If a Magnum revolver creeps far enough, it causes it to protrude out of the mouth of its chamber and come against the revolver’s frame as the cylinder rotates, leaving you out of commission. You have to crimp the bullets just the right amount. Newly trimmed cases crimp much more consistently.

A firearm is a very dangerous thing to use. It can bring others to harm as well as to you. So proper care is very much needed. Also, be careful when kids are around. Remember, self-defense is the best offense. 

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