What do You need to Know About Blue World City Overseas Block Booking procedure?


BWC Overseas Block offers exclusive accommodations to Pakistanis living in other countries. We can assist Pakistanis inhabiting another country who want to buy real estate but need help knowing where to start with the Blue world city Overseas Block file verification and plot booking procedure.

It aspires to provide its inhabitants with a better quality of life. Therefore, it is a first-rate investment option for overseas and domestic clients. Legitimate concerns secure with a 10% deposit, with the balance due in 40 months or eight half-yearly (16 quarterly) reimbursements.

The block has plot sizes varying from 7 Marlas to 10 Marlas, 14 Marlas to 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanals. In addition, commercial plots of 5 and 10 marlas are obtainable.

Blue World City Overseas Block Plan & Divisions 

The Overseas Block at BWC is a well-planned block with premium amenities. The developers construct the element to industry guidelines using top-notch methods and equipment.

Payment Plan

BWC overseas block intends to provide inhabitants with a more current life. In addition, it is a first-rate financing opportunity for overseas and domestic clients.

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Why should you purchase Blue World City Overseas Block?

Blue World City Islamabad is a well-known name in the construction of real estate industry. Moreover,  the Overseas Block is one of its elements. The Overseas Block adds to the allure of Blue World City. The overseas block is developing according to global standards, and its scenery is peaceful.

The key objective of this scheme is to provide one-of-a-kind surroundings that every investment company and resident wants and needs. Here are a few significant reasons to invest abroad that will persuade you:

Excellent Position

Blue World City is conveniently near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) and the New Islamabad International Airport, which makes it an ideal destination for Pakistanis living abroad and their communities. The project by stunning significant roads as well as greenery.

Commercial Zone

Inhabitants of the Overseas Block enjoy an exclusive atmosphere distinct from the other Blocks. Commercial plots of 5 and 10 Marla are available in a prime spot within the block. Furthermore, All regions of the league have quick access to commercial properties.

Best-in-class amenities

Inhabitants of the Overseas Block will have access to many modern facilities recognized as a symbol of lavish living. In addition, this proposal will serve as a model for other Pakistani and South Asian housing developers.

Elementary Utility Supply

When individuals choose to invest in the community, they prioritize the accessibility of essential services. Moreover, this is why society planners have concentrated on giving inhabitants access to basic amenities at the lowest possible cost. Also, the owners made water, gasoline, and power available among the essential everyday necessities. Furthermore, the occupants of the BWC will have access to all of these amenities whenever they need them.

Affordable Payments Schedule 

Compared to other residential development in the nation that provides the most expensive and difficult payment options, the block offers the most basic instalment plans that may be paid over a more extended period. There will be new prices in a few months. So, there is still a possibility for the buyers.

Benefits of Overseas Block Investing

  • Simple payment plan
  • Competitive rates
  • Maximum Return on Investment
  • Excellent Position
  • Property Reservations only require a 10% deposit fee.

Amenities and Facilities at Blue World City Overseas Block:

The Overseas Block includes several proposed solutions to improve the quality of life because of its inhabitants.

  1. Healthcare and healthcare centers are regarded as essential.
  1. Academic institutions and establishments ensure a happy and prosperous future.
  1. The gated society represents the serenity of the community and differentiates it from others.
  1. An E-Tag system and a 24-hour surveillance and security structure ensure protection.
  2. Introducing the Overseas Lagolub for a calming mood and consuming free time with family and acquaintances.
  1. The society has essential utility companies such as water, energy, and gas available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are vital for living a wholesome and happy life.
  1. Lush green campgrounds and beautiful views relieve stress and the noise of everyday life. In addition, stunning natural views have a good health and relaxing effect on your life.
  1. Buying stuff, how often do we overlook the wonder-filled commercial hubs and global lump sum outlets that will undoubtedly make your shopping experience more thrilling and delightful

Booking A Blue World City Overseas Block Plot & File Verification

Document verification is an essential component of any condominium complex. It is critical that investors carefully investigate all plot information. BWC Overseas Block files can be verified and registered using the methods listed below.

You can consult Blue World City’s head office for file verification and booking.

2) You can check Blue World City’s online confirmation by going to their official site.

3) You can also finish the booking and file by contacting Blue World City’s phone number. The phone number is also available on their official web page.

4) You can make contact with Call: +923311112233, UAN: 0304-111-(5323)


Blue World City Overseas Block is an outstanding opportunity for international investors to make money. Blue World City and Lead Marketing offer foreign shareholders a secure plot online reservation and file verification process. So Hurry up and make your investment now for a comfortable and enjoyable way of life at a low cost.

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