What Exactly is a Key Finder and What Does it Do?

Rushing to hospital for an emergency and forgetting where the home and car keys are!! This is not an uncommon situation but it is a serious situation. In desperate scenarios like these people tend to lose control causing several negative thoughts and unwarranteed sicknesses to arise.
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As mankind created a solution for every problem with the help of technology even this problem of finding the keys has an incredible solution. The  Rinex key finder is a one-time purchase that solves all the mysteries of hidden keys. Whether you are someone who forgets everything constantly or are too busy to remember these small things – the key finder is at the rescue.

Let us understand what a KeyFinder is.

The evolution of gadgets and electronic devices has taken a big leap. Today there is a solution for everything through technology. The Key Finder is one such electronic device that is designed to make lives easier. It helps in finding lost keys from any place. Misplacing the car keys or forgetting where they are is the most common problem which is faced every day.
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The key finder helps to find the keys through an alarm sound that beeps extremely loudly which helps in reaching out to the place where the keys are. Now with the key finders in use, one can stop looking for the keys under the beds or anywhere else. The alarm of the key finder beeps through a connection to the keys that make it easy to locate. The all-new tech-based key finders come with great features that are useful for the hustling lifestyle.

Features of Key Finder are:

Loud Alarm:

The loudest sound that the key finder can offer is nearly 120dB. The ring is pre-set however the users can change the ring as per their interest. This ring helps in locating the missing item easily. The user can keep it for mobiles, keys, wallets, remotes, etc. The key finders have apps that make it easier in setting or choosing the ringtone. The users can also set a unique ringtone for different items.

Replaceable battery:

The key finders come with replaceable batteries. Although the battery replacement depends on the individual usage the batteries offer almost 2 years of life. The key finders are widely available online for easy purchase and so are the batteries. The process of replacing the batteries is simple so the user can easily replace the batteries in quick steps without any help.


To fit into the hustling lifestyle the gadgets need to suit urgent and tough situations. The key finders today are water resistant which make them extremely comfortable to use. This feature is especially useful when there are kids in the house who may throw the gadgets in the water or when the user wants to keep a tab on the pets. Because when the pets are out they can play in puddles or even while it rains they can still be found with the key finder attachment.

Get notified when not in range:

The new redefined key finders have an improved feature of helping the users to get notified when they are out of range. The added feature will enhance the user experience as it reminds them that the keys are left behind. It gives a notification on the smartphone with which the user can quickly go back and get the keys. The key finders allow the users to set the alerts for each of them individually. This will help in getting alerts only when it is important and not for the spare keys.

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