What Is A Right Age To Get A Hair Transplant?

For some people who are losing hair so fast, the commonly inquired question is what is the right age to get a hair transplant? Before digging deeper, let’s take a look at the factors that leads to a hair transplant.  A hair transplant is recommended for patients who suffer a large amount of hair loss or standing on the edge of getting a bald head. Hair transplant surgery can easily fix hair problems.

Such types of surgery also require some ground rules precautions and guidance to get hair problems fixed or maintained.

Reasons for hair loss

Hair loss can occur to anyone at any age. There are no specific gender or age limitations, both men and women can suffer from hair loss at any age even at a young age rather than the older one.

The reasons for hair loss include an inefficient diet, tension, improper hair care routine, using heating tools for styling, or using wrong and hard chemicals on hair that damage hair roots. Usually, people think that only women sever from hair loss but it’s a myth because when men lose hair, they often end up getting a bald head.

Stress and tension are considered one of the main reasons for hair loss. Normally people think that hair loss is caused due to aging which is 50% correct but hair loss also starts earlier like in our teenage years to go on to older age.

Minimum age for Hair transplant

Generally, a hair transplant is required by patients who lose a large amount of hair which in many cases ends up getting a bald head.

A hair transplant can be done above the age of 18. However, most surgeons recommend people with an age limit of 25 plus as ideal candidates to go through a hair transplant.

Hair transplant at age of 30

Normally younger patients are not recommended to have this surgery because they can lose hair even after having a hair transplant. So even after undergoing this surgery they do not get desired results. 

At the age of 30, normally people have to go through a period of time in which they lose a large amount of hair which can also stabilize by using doctors-recommended shampoos, hair oils or some further medication but if the patient is suffering from severe hair loss and surgery are also recommended by the doctors. 30 years old is also considered a good age because at this age hair growth is faster and easier as compared to the age of 40 to 50 or above.

Hair transplant at age of 50 or above

If a person younger than 30 years old suffers from hair loss then non-surgical treatment like medical therapies is recommended because it slows down the ratio of hair loss until the patient requires hair transplant surgery.

People of age 50 or above lose a larger amount of hair as they grow older as compared to teenagers or younger people this is because of their aging process.

For such patient hair transplant surgery is a bit risky because they are also suffering from different diseases and if they are diabetic or heart patients then before performing a hair transplant their complete medical history is rechecked and ensure they are healthy enough to take a hair transplant.

The best age for a hair transplant

Hair transplants can be done at any age but 25+ is considered best. The surgery works even if patients have weak and thin hair or bald heads. There are no specific age criteria for hair transplant surgery. The main achievement is to fix the hair loss giving the patient relief.

According to Hair Club Islamabad hair transplant clinic It is considered that 30 is the ideal age for the surgery because people are a bit healthier at that age even hair loss can be detected and slower down easily while a patient of age 50 or above are people are suffering from heart disease so before surgery, their health condition is considered more over recovery process for such patients is also a bit slower.

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