What style of music should we listen to stay young!? Alireza Kiarashi, a famous Iranian singer, has done interesting research in this field

Are you a fan of pop music? Traditional? Hip Hop? or jazz? Do you have information about the effects of music on the brain and thoughts?

Music affects the brain and body in many different ways. When listening to music, you may feel your feet begin to tap or your fingers tap on the table. Sometimes your neck, head and shoulders will be in sync with the rhythm. As music moves your body, it also affects your brain.

Alireza Kiarashi, a good Iranian singer, has done a research in this field, which we will review.

Effects of music on our brain and thoughts

Listening to music has many benefits that most of us are not aware of. Although some music can be harmful and harm your mental health, it is actually you who choose what food to provide for your brain and soul. This food has the power to attract success or make you depressed. Here are 6 benefits of music that will work for you.

Dopamine hormone release

When we listen to our favorite music, a hormone called dopamine starts to be released in our brain. Dopamine is a chemical that makes us feel happy.

Memory Improvement

As you know, listening to our favorite music, we try to remember many parts of its lyrics. In this way, by memorizing poems, the memory mechanisms are strengthened and it helps the brain to grow. The effect of music on the brain is so great that it can delay dementia and Alzheimer’s problems.

Boosting the immune system

The immune system is the body’s natural defense mechanism against diseases. If the immune system is strong, the chance of getting sick is reduced. Therefore, strengthening the immune system is one of the priorities for maintaining people’s health. There are countless ways to strengthen the immune system. Some people take special vitamins or supplements for this purpose. Others follow a special diet.

Researchers found that listening to loud music improves antibody levels in the body. Researchers tested 300 people. They asked participants to listen to dance music or a random set of songs. People who listened to dance music had lower levels of cortisol (anxiety and stress hormone) than people who listened to a random set of songs. After listening to dance music for 50 minutes, these people had higher levels of immunoglobulin, which is the body’s first line of defense against diseases, compared to the other group.

Rapid brain development

According to studies, when you start learning and playing a musical instrument, the volume of gray cells increases in areas of the brain. Learning and playing musical instruments protects your brain from the effects of aging.

Improve motor skills

Musical instruments have different ways to play. Playing an instrument creates harmony between the mind and the brain with the physical elements of the body. Dance is no exception, when body movement is synchronized with the sound of music, movement skills are improved.

Increase creativity

Using suitable music with a calm rhythm can increase your creativity and personal growth. Many work and life consultants recommend listening to music at work and at home. Usually musicians and composers are very creative people and they challenge their creativity by making different pieces of music in different instruments and steps.

Style type

The type of style has a direct relationship with the effects of music on our brain and thoughts. In the following, we will get to know the more detailed effects of each genre on the mind and thoughts.

Traditional or Classic

It relaxes and increases the power of concentration.


It creates a sense of community and a sense of identity.


This is a protest style and reduces depression.


It gives you energy and it increases your endurance during sports training.


It gives you a sense of pride and patriotism.

At the end

How much the effects of music on the brain and thoughts can shape our personality and way of thinking and how much it can contribute to our success in life is strange and unbelievable. Listening to music makes us feel happy, enhances memory, increases creativity, improves health, develops brain quickly, and improves motor skills. So what are you waiting for? Take out the headphones, turn up the volume and give your brain a boost.

To learn more about Alireza Kiarashi and her works, you can visit Alireza Kiarashi’s Instagram page.



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