What to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Water Heater

A Solar Water Heater is a device that uses heat from the sun to heat water for domestic or commercial uses. In this article, we put our focus on the things to consider before purchasing a solar heater.

Sunlight, which is absolutely free, saves a penny for electrical bills and maybe fuel. Most of the households including large companies nowadays have the Water Heatererected on the rooftops or the ground because of the service it gives. Electricity access especially in rural areas is quite rare and this is pushing people to tap into solar power. However, it is a challenge for one to choose the best solar. Therefore, it is important to consider the following before purchasing one;

Space to place

The solar is not just an ordinary object but rather a delicate thing that really needs careful placing to avoid damage. Depending on the household or a company that needs a solar water heater, an expert should make a survey in the preferred area before an installation process begins. Some of this solars are very big and heavy and will therefore need some spacious place to work best.

Service life

This applies when a company for instance needs a solar that will help meet their production level and work best. In the service life, such things like warranty are key just in case a problem occurs in the period of offering service. This would therefore mean one would consider quality, quantity and the price. One should go for a solar that has a longer shelf-life.
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Water sources available.

Depending on the water that is to be heated from the respective tank to the household, there are different solar heaters. For the hard water, an indirect system that uses fluids is recommended because the water contains a lot of minerals which can cause blockage if not we’ll heated whereas for the soft water the direct systems are used and water is heated directly.
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This therefore requires one to have knowledge on the type of water available.

Amount of water used.

For large industries and companies maybe, a large solar is needed. This will be different from a household that has less people where an estimation will be done on the amount of water each of them use then decide on the best solar to go for.

 Type of tank used.

The tank that is to hold the solar heated water depends on whether it is strong enough to withstand the heat released by the solar system. Before making a purchase of the solar, a review should be done on the available type of tank therefore considering the type of the system

The water pressure system

This means that if the pressure of water is high,a very strong heater is needed as compared to when the pressure is low. Selecting the wrong system that cannot withstand the pressure in the water will lead to damage or even the machine stops to work.


All in all, this article is important for a first time purchaser of thewater heater and definitely will enable one to go for the best, whether it is for household use or for a large company. For more, visit

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