What will be the future of Digital Marketing career in 2022 | Scope, Salary

Digital Marketing is the most demanded career of today’s time. You can easily opt for digital marketing as your career option without having any particular background or any prior experience in the field of marketing. Even if you are a fresher, you can learn it and enter the industry.

Each day, the digital marketing industry creates numerous jobs and opportunities for learners. If you are looking for a guide that would help you to decide whether to opt for digital marketing or not. Also, if you wish to know this industry’s job opportunities and salary, you are at the right place. Below are all the details regarding starting a career in digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an essential part of marketing that uses the internet and modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other virtual platforms to advertise brands or services. Hence, in today’s time, all businesses and companies are rapidly shifting towards the online platform to promote their brands and create their virtual presence.

When you step into the digital marketing industry, you will be engaged in different activities, such as luring the customer towards the brand or services. You will do this with the help of social media platforms, content writing, email marketing, and many more.

Hence, if you are a fresher, you can opt for digital marketing to establish your career in online marketing. To know more about the future in digital marketing, go through the scopes and career options mentioned below.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

best digital marketing institute in India

A large number of the population is shifting their career to digital marketing, and due to this shift, digital marketing has become the most demanding career in current times. Similarly, digital marketing courses have also become the most adopted ones. It is because the digital marketing course does not require any prior technical knowledge. It is also easily affordable and gives you maximum output compared to other courses. Many people live in a dilemma that they can only get exposure after growing their online business, but that’s not true. You need good marketing skills and the right tools to attain them.

Since digital marketing is making the significance and the rapid growth in the present day. And it has a maximum probability of attaining a higher pace in this growth. This is why you must know about the roles digital marketing will play in one’s career. But as of now, you should know the scope of digital marketing and what more job titles and career options you can get.

  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • Content Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Branding Head
  • Professional Blogging
  • SED Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Specialist

Digital Marketing Career with Salary

You can choose any career option among the three available in the Digital Marketing field:

Job: This is the most secure career option after completing the digital marketing course. You can get the desired post of your field in any company and can work from there.

Hence the starting salary of a digital marketer as a beginner on average begins from 20,000/- INR monthly to 70,000/- INR monthly. The figure may vary depending upon the post and experience.

Business: After gaining knowledge and experience in digital marketing, you can open a company of your own and use your entire digital marketing knowledge to grow it. Hence, it depends on you and your skill that how you grow your business, and how much you earn. Here there is no salary, but there is income through profits, and the sky is the limit.

Freelancing: In the case of freelancing, you need to make an attractive portfolio of yourself that shows your intelligence and skill. You can apply and bid for several companies’ projects for a duration of time.

Here you will be working part-time and not as a full-time employee. In this, the salary will be the earnings you will earn from the freelancing projects. And here you can earn handsomely.

Types of Courses and Training in Digital Marketing?

Since now you are aware of what is digital marketing, its scope, and what will are the career options with their starting salary. Now, let us discover about the different types of digital marketing training and modules offered in a course:

  • SMM
  • Mobile Advertising
  • PPC
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Let us go through some general details of a few of the modules.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The primary aim of SEO is to rank the page of the company or brand higher in the result page of the Google research.

PPC (Pay per Click): This is referred to the promotions and the advertisement that are paid. Might you have seen some ads as “sponsored/Ad” on the search result pages? Those are paid ads that come under PPC. Also, in the youtube videos, you might have seen the ad videos played in between, which is known as cost per view. And that also comes under PPC. Apart from these, display ads, social media ads, etc., also come under PPC.

Content Marketing: Content Writing is a way of marketing in which one writes articles and blogs to promote their website. In content writing, the writer uses the brand’s information to promote it on search engines, social media, email, etc. To attract the readers through the information the writers provide them to read. The ultimate goal is to make the content so engaging that the reader becomes a customer.

Mobile Marketing: The main aim of mobile marketing is to reach the audience through mobile or tablet. As mobiles are the most used technology by everyone for social media use, entertainment, gaming, etc., this is the most suitable marketing option. And this is done through in-game videos ads, social media, SMS marketing, Push notification marketing, and more.

There are 30+ digital marketing modules that you can learn and there are more than 10 fields to opt for a digital marketing career.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

best digital marketing institute in India


After the finalization of the course that you are going to opt for, the next step should be a selection of the top digital marketing institute in India that offers you the same course. To out-stand in the course that you are opting for, you must have the best faculty, syllabus, course material, practices, and many more things. Hence, you can find all these things in a good institute. So, to help you with the research part, we have prepared the list of India’s top digital marketing institutes over here.

  • Quibus Trainings
  • Digital Vidya
  • NIIT Digital Marketing
  • Indian Institute of Digital Education
  • Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

Conclusion – Why choose a career in digital marketing?

Therefore, after going through the detailed guide on the upcoming scope and career in digital marketing, it is highly suggested to invest and learn digital marketing. This will be your most profit-making investment. The other reasons behind opting for digital marketing as a career include cost-effectiveness, high return on investment, high demand, constant learning, and more. The craze of digital marketing is climbing up in the career graph, and one must choose digital marketing for a successful career.

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