Why become a Certified Business Analyst Professional?

CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is a business analysis professional certification program. This program is designed for professionals with extensive business knowledge and years of practical business experience. CBAP is now regarded as one of the most prestigious business credentials. Since its inception in 2006, the certification program has garnered a lot of traction.
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CBAP Certification is now held by over 1000 professionals from over 30 countries. In this guide, let us take a look at why you should opt for the CBAP certification and get certified.

Who Is a CBAP Certified Professional?
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A CBAP Certified professional is someone who cleared the CBAP certification exam and was eligible to apply for it in the first place. Since CBAP certification has extensive eligibility requirements, the candidates that clear all the requirements are eligible for the CBAP certification and to take the exam. 

Moreover, a CBAP holder has extensive knowledge in business analysis and is skilled at identifying an organization’s business needs. They recommend the greatest business solutions for businesses in order to maximize their profits.
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Benefits of a CBAP Certification

High Compensation

According to the 2020 IIBA salary survey, BAs with the CBAP certification earn 59 percent more than their non-certified counterparts. Because of their talents and competence in business analysis, top-tier firms all over the world choose to hire CBAP personnel. As a result, earning your CBAP certification can lead to additional work prospects, higher pay, and global recognition. Moreover, the average salary of a CBAP-certified business analyst is $114,633 as per Ziprecruiter. 

Increased Efficiency

 The CBAP exam requires a thorough understanding of the BABOK Guide and the application of the ideas to specific business analysis settings. As a result, a BA who achieves CBAP certification is well-versed in the concepts, methods, and procedures of business analysis as stated in BABOK Guide. They learn how to put these into practice in a way that produces consistent and reliable results for improved overall efficiency. 

Advanced Career Possibilities

Companies all over the world are continually on the lookout for highly qualified and skilled business analysts. Professionals with industry-recognized BA certificates, such as CBAP, are preferred by employers. Certification has been reported by BA practitioners all over the world to bring not only the much-desired salary increases but also increased opportunities for promotions and new job opportunities. It makes it easier to keep ahead of the competition. In other words, it assists individuals in realizing their full career potential by establishing a distinct and distinctive path within the IT industry and business community.

Professional Peers and Management Appreciation

CBAP certified professionals are seen as well qualified and serious about their careers by the organization, future employers, and professional peers. They are treated as capable professionals who are critical to a project’s success. The CBAP certified professionals can be thought of as a “mark of excellence” in a nutshell.

Becoming a member of a Prestigious Professional Group

CBAP certification elevates a senior BA to a group of top professionals regarded as the best in their fields/domains. CBAP certified professionals are in the tens of thousands worldwide, therefore being one of them is no easy task. The CBAP certified experts are looked up to by the BA community for sharing and discussing business analysis concepts. Interaction with such a distinguished group of experts aids in the continuing development of BA skills and knowledge, as well as the addition of greater value and purpose to the BA profession.


If you were considering applying for the CBAP certification, then this is your sign to make a wise choice and get CBAP certified. Whatever your reason may be for opting for the CBAP certification, it will be a great investment considering the benefits. Kickstart your CBAP certification journey, and explore the [best CBAP Certification] online training course from Techcanvass, which is an IIBA endorsed education provider. 

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