Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt Even With a New Coil

Though vaping is the best alternative to smoking, it can be worse if it hasn’t been done properly. The factors of appropriate vaping include the vape taste and condition. Surely if your vape doesn’t taste fine then what the device is good for? Definitely nothing. It is worth mentioning here that there are two types, disposable vapes and reusable ones and both include a coil to operate the device.

Connection of Burnt or Dry Hit:

In fact, it is the worst thing that could happen to you while vaping that your vape tastes bad. If you feel burnt or dry flavour that means something terrible wrong with your device. This situation refers to a burnt or dry hit. However, in such cases the coil of the device needs to be changed immediately but what if you’re already using the new one or have just replaced the coil?

Yes, it could happen, in case you witnessed this, you must wonder how to cater to this scenario. Don’t worry this can be fixed and prevented so that you won’t have to go through such a situation again. In this blog, all the things you need to know are discussed, so let’s get into details about why this happens to the vape device even when you’re using a new coil.

Reasons: why your vape taste burnt even when the coil is new:

There could be several reasons for still having the burnt taste of your vape when you’re using a new coil. However, it is very important to know the causes that made your vape burnt to get a

solution for this adverse situation. Significantly when you look for the root cause you can see that most probably it could happen due to the coil even when it’s new.

Despite this fact, it is also noticeable that there could be other reasons for getting vape smoked taste. So it is best to discuss both, the cause related to the coil and other factors that involve. Hence all possibilities of this adverse happening are listed below (most of the reasons don’t apply to disposable vape.

  • Coils are not primed properly:

As it is one of the most basic parts of preparing your vape device like elf bar 600, it isn’t difficult to do it. Still many times the vapers, including both new as well as pro vapers, don’t do it properly.
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As the coil needs preparation before use, they need to be soaked into the e-liquid (This doesn’t apply to disposable vapes).

In case you use a dry coil, it can make the coil burn which eventually will give a burnt hit. In case you’re not familiar with the burnt hit or dry hit, it is significant that you know the basics, so this is defined below.
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Notably, both are slightly different from each other, here’s the common definition.

Burnt or Dry Hit:

Burnt or dry hit refers to the burning effect of the vape device, when the coil is overheated that burns the wick and the user inhales the burnt cotton. It occurs when there is no E-liquid in the vape tank or the wick is not completely saturated.

It is the state of dry vaping. It happens when the E-liquid on the wick gets dried up or the cotton in your device is not saturated in the E-juice. The hits can be also because of the emptiness of the tank. If this occurs while using disposable vapes unfortunately there isn’t any solution for this as that type of vape is not reusable.

  • The Emptiness of the Tank or Lack of E-liquid in it:

Several times, utilising vape devices can keep one so busy and consumed with the enjoyment of vaping that one doesn’t realise how much E-liquid has been used and how much is still remaining. If this is the case, cotton would remain dry if there is no e-juice in your equipment.


The aforementioned are the causes that taste burnt vape even when you have a new coil which not only aware but also kept you informed about the resolutions and precautions you can take. So hopefully now you will take care of your vape device along with the coil and e-liquid so you won’t be affected by these terrible mishappenings. Notably disposable vapes don’t include some of the precautions such as priming of coils, since they come prepared and are non-customisable.

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