Why is the Premier League the best league in the world?

La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1. This is what the top 5 national championships look like. According to the UEFA ranking, La Liga is the strongest championship. However, many consider the Premier League to be the strongest. Everyone can argue on this topic, since the clubs in England do not show such football at the European level as the teams in Spain. One season is not an indicator, so we do not take into account the finalists of Eurocups 18/19. However, this achievement in this material still has to be remembered.

Is the Premier League the strongest league? Is not a fact. Is the Premier League the most interesting championship? Oh yeah. The winners of the Premier League are actively replacing each other. There is no situation like in Italy with Juve, in Germany with Bayern, in France with PSG and in Spain with Real Madrid and Barça. There are also surprises in England. Suffice it to recall the recent Leicester and Ranieri’s fairy tale.

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The English Championship attracted a lot of attention about 10 years ago. Yes, English football has been at its best before: Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Arsenal, Newcastle, Aston Villa. But world stars have begun to come to England, receiving huge sums, quite recently. Football players with simply cosmic salaries play in the Premier League: Pogba, Ozil, Sanchez, Aguero and many others. The fact is that now there is a so-called “fashion” for English football. It was exactly the same in Italy a few decades ago, and in Spain. What was the reason for the contribution of colossal sums? The question is moot. The Premier League earns huge amounts of money from TV shows. People are attracted to English football and its intrigues, and investors are ready to invest huge amounts of money in its development. Just like club owners. Well, you know what I mean – salaries. In English football, there is a huge business that promotes the Premier League, as they say, “from the heart.” No wonder the top ten richest clubs in the world include as many as six representatives of the Premier League.

The “fashion” for English football may soon become boring to many. People will probably look for another championship to earn money and develop. How about France? Perhaps it is the French championship that will capture the eyes of fans of the number one sport. PSG perform relatively well in the Champions League, and Lyon sometimes even surprises with their game on the European arena. This season Monaco did not work out, but the team, I am sure, will return to the podium and make noise in Europe. Let’s return to the popularization of League 1. Academy. This is what France is famous for. There are great academies. Bordeaux, PSG, Monaco, Lyon, Rennes, Lance, Sochaux. This is also a huge plus for spectators or businessmen to pay attention to the currently modest French championship. Players of Martial’s level will continue to be sold overseas, which is not surprising. This will affect the profits of Ligue 1, and it will grow noticeably. Contributions to academies and high-profile transfers will make Ligue 1 one of the strongest championships in the next 10 years.

Does first place give you any real advantage? In fact, no. Places from 1 to 4 are absolutely the same, and in order for someone from the four to fall out of there, you have to try. But England interrupted the hegemony of Spain, which has been in first place for the last 8 years (this is the second longest series in history after Italy in the nineties – there Serie A provided leadership for its association for 9 years.

In general, the Spanish league has only 3 seasons outside the top 4 during the existence of the coefficient table (since 1980). Of course, you need to take into account the fact that in the 80s, 90s and even zero, the odds were calculated differently, there were no such privileges for the tops, so the probability of going down was higher.

And in the 21st century (in fact, even from the end of the 20th century), Spain dominated: from the 1999/00 season it was in first place for eight years, lost it to England for five years, and then returned it again for 8 years. And now she’s given up again.

This season is the best for England in history. English clubs scored 22.785 points (and this is without reaching the final, only after the first round of the semi-finals), breaking their own record of the 2018/19 season – 22.642.

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