Working with a truck accident attorney in New Mexico

Accidents in New Mexico involving trucks & 18-wheelers often lead to extraordinary consequences. Commercial trucks are huge in size, and even the best drivers have a hard time controlling these vehicles in adverse situations. As a result, even minor accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for victims. Following an accident, you have to take a few essential steps, such as informing the police and calling 911 for medical help. You must also consider hiring a truck accident attorney New Mexico. In this post, we are sharing key tips to work with an attorney. 

Ask the key questions

As a client, you have to know your attorney before you entrust them with your truck accident case. you can ask questions like – 

  • What can you tell me about your experience with truck accident claims?
  • How frequently do you take up such cases in your work?
  • Can you share details of your top settlements?
  • Have you been to court for truck accident lawsuits?
  • Will you work on my case directly? What is your caseload like? 
  • What do you expect from my case? What is the expected settlement?
  • What factors can influence the outcome of this truck accident claim?

Lawyers are expected to answer these questions without any hesitation. Not all personal injury lawyers in NM take up truck accident cases, and that’s an important factor to consider. 

Communication and comfort are important aspects

An attorney is not expected to be close like your friend, but they should be available and empathetic. When you meet an attorney, consider their interest in your case. Did the lawyer respond immediately? How long did you have to wait to get an appointment? Did the lawyer explain your rights? Were you aware of your legal options after the first meeting? These are some of the key things to note. Also, you should be able to talk to your lawyer as needed. 

Be honest

If you want the help of a truck accident lawyer, you have to be honest. New Mexico has very claimant-friendly laws, and even when you have a share of the blame for the accident, you could file a lawsuit against the party at fault (trucking company/trucker/loading service/vehicle manufacturer). However, your fault share will be an instrumental factor for your final settlement. If you believe you have info that can impact the case and its outcome, let the lawyer know. 

Don’t forget to check online reviews before hiring an attorney. 

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