4 Tips to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower in Kenya

Lawn mowers are known to enable chopping, mowing or trimming grass fields, lawns and gardens be done quickly. So, with excellent ergonomics, you should expect a reliable performance in your tasks by using a lawn mower. Are you looking forward to more information about lawn mowers? Keep on reading!


Getting a quality lawnmower with copious capabilities for optimum performance has always been a dream of many people. However, not all lawn mowers are curated equally. This article makes the decision-making effortless by examining the crucial factors to consider before purchasing a lawn mower.
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Any sturdy lawn mower must be well designed to last long. Usually, the durable and optimum performance entirely depends on the design of the machine. The best lawn mower should allow excellent maneuverability when used.
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Additionally, it should also have vibration handles and a robust framework. Not to mention, these features prevent both muscle tension and injuries.

Any machine with welded parts is prone to torsion stiffness. The blades should also be able to move faster and of perfect length. In simple terms, the chute, blades and cutting decks should be uniquely designed to allow maximum airflow.
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Therefore, a well-designed lawn mower means ease of maintenance and extended durability.


The engine of any good lawn mower should have a long lifespan. Apart from the engine’s reliability, it should also support a dual-blade cutting system which further enhances performance. Riding mowers are renowned for their high performance. It is no surprise that they are also the most expensive lawn mowers in the market.

Although push lawn mowers have gained a reputation in the market, their performance tends to be low. Important to note is that most lawn mower prices in Kenya keep on fluctuating. Outstanding performance can also be determined by the thick-gauge steel construction of the lawn mower. However, battery-powered lawn mowers also have good performance.


Even though resources might be available, the product can be challenging to find. Lawn mowers from formidable brands require shipping. In such cases, the prices will be comparatively higher. For quite some time, many prolific companies’ lawn mowers have been a challenge in Kenya as far as availability is concerned.

Multi-function utilities

Lawn mowers that have multiple functions are considered to be the best around the globe. For instance, the Select Cut functions that allow you to switch between blade types. It makes working with the lawn less tiresome. Others are also coupled with speed and direction controls and ergonomic seating. These utilities mostly come in handy when working on a vast piece of land.

In most cases, lawn mower prices in Nairobi are high and many automotive showrooms lack world-class lawn mowers due to their high prices. That’s also why most lawn mowersin Kenya lack multi-function utilities like pedal-speed controls and cruise control.


So to wrap up, this article has covered some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a quality product based on the above factors.

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