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A CR7-like celebration that ended badly

It is fair to say that plenty of kids who want to be footballers have Cristiano Ronaldo as their idol. Feel free to visit – check Kenya betting sites to wager on all matches that feature CR7 too. For this reason, many youngsters want to imitate the Portuguese legend, including his style of play and gestures.

However, sometimes this doesn’t go according to plan. A Vietnamese player learned this the hard way on the 24th of March 2023. The player in question is Tran Hong Kien from the U-17 team of the squad Viettel FC. By the way, when checking the betting sites 1xBet Kenya, you will also be able to wager on football from this part of the world too.

On that day his team was playing the final of the Vietnamese U-17 Cup against Hong Linh Ha Tinh. Tran’s team won, but as it will be discussed later, he had little reason to celebrate.

Scoring an important goal

Viettel FC defeated Hong Linh Ha Tinh for a final score of 3-0. In the 55th minute of the match, Tran Hong Kien scored the second goal of his team. You can always check 1xBet sporting lines and use them to wager on whether a goal will be scored too.

You don’t score a goal in a final every day. For this reason, Tran decided to celebrate his feat by imitating his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. He decided to do so by performing his trademark “siuu” celebration. Whenever CR7 scores a goal it is a great moment to check the 1xBet sporting lines, as all matches featuring the Portuguese legend are available.

Unfortunate consequences

However, immediately after Tran’s celebration, it was immediately apparent that something was quite wrong. After he landed, he began to limp, showing signs of pain. He struggled to walk, while his teammates approached him to ask if he was okay. You can check all football live score 1xBet to see which players have scored goals in plenty of football matches too.

The followings happened afterwards:

  • Viettel FC’s medical team checked Tran to see if he was okay;
  • while he was able to walk, he did so with great difficulty, so he was substituted out of the game;
  • medical tests were made to his leg, which revealed that he had injured the ligaments of his knee.

You can find all football live scores at 1xBet, where different occurrences that happen during a game are also presented. It is quite unfortunate that Tran suffered such consequences after imitating his idol. He was expected to be many months out of action with that injury. However, this also shows how important it is to consider the risks that such acrobatics might entail.


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